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Sneak Peak: Kfzteile24 video shoot

FOLIATEC window tinting with the professional mechanics

Essen Motor Show 2021

Presentation of the FT8 Opel Speedster

TUNE IT! SAFE! Campaign vehicle: TECHART GT

Back to the roots

Presentation of the FT8

The new project car for the 40th company anniversary

Track & Safety Days 2021

Driver safety training for our FOLIATEC fan team

DIY Window Tinting with Sam_MK2

Window tinting made easy!

AMTS Budapest 2021

„FOLIATEC Worldwide“

FOLIATEC Regional Center Fineart

New opening in Veitsbronn

Low Scty 2020

Season Opening in Graz, better late than never!

Interior design without any limits

Trim on the doors and dashboard is usually only available in black or silver from the factory, and on older vehicles there is even a somewhat antiquated wood look. Those who like it more creative and above all more modern can be helped.

Now Ultramatt

The extremely robust and daring look of the Hard Rock Liner has long since established itself in the automotive scene. Now FOLIATEC®.com presents the new version of the bestseller in ultramatt, thus throwing water on the mills of individualists.

We have something against scratches!

Anyone who gets on and off the bus frequently knows the problem. A moment of not paying attention and not lifting your feet, and it happens. A deep scratch adorns the painted entrance area of the vehicle.

Deal of the month June

Long car journeys in summer are often exhausting. The car heats up quickly, the sun is blinding and not every car has air conditioning. With our tinting films you can defy the sun.

Deal of the month May

Whether on your car, motorbike or bicycle, with decorative strips you can easily set colourful design accents. Whether matching the colour of the painted brake calipers, a contrasting rim edge as an eye-catcher, contour lines on your bodywork or as an eye-catcher on your wing mirrors.

Look at the mirror!

Exterior mirrors have long since evolved from utilitarian and humdrum housings to aerodynamic design elements for vehicles. FOLIATEC®.com has consistently followed this path and is launching the new Pin Striping Mirror Cap on the market.

STAY AT HOME: 20% discount in our online shop!

Dear fans, a lot of people are concerned about current events. We want to let you know how we deal with the situation at

Individuality - Creativity - Passion 2020

Boredom was yesterday! Cars in design ex works? Not with us! We at FOLIATEC®.com have been making it our business to individualise cars with our products for over 35 years. The best thing is: they are "do it yourself" products! Our products can be easily applied by yourself.

The noble detail on the vehicle

While rim designs are becoming larger and more sophisticated, brake callipers in the second row usually still have an inconspicuous and sometimes even unsightly existence. The brake caliper paint from FOLIATEC®.com provides a quick remedy.

Essen Motor Show 2019 with the FT7 Audi RS3

FT7 premiered at the Essen Motor Show

The whole variety of brake caliper paint in an advent calendar!

From 1 December, a new door will open every day and present a brake caliper paint at a special price. new project car

In a few days, the Essen Motor Show will open its doors and we will of course be there again. We have our new project car with us. It bears the name "FT7".

Time for a change!?

Then start your winter project now!

Bike Days - save 20%

From 13.09. to 15.09.19 the second edition of the BIKE Festival will take place in Saalfelden Leogang. Attractive trade fair offers, competitions, brand new product samples, test bikes and much more will once again be on offer at the Expo in Saalfelden Leogang.

Win free tickets for GRIP event in Bispingen!

Nothing planned for 18.08.19?
Then you now have the chance to win free tickets for GRIP - The Motor Event at the Ralf Schumacher Kart Centre in Bispingen!

Carbody Spray Film on Roadster

Customer shows what you can do with our KSF on a TT Roadster

We are test winners!

Which one is the best? You can see that here:

Wet look was yesterday - now comes the glitter effect

Alloy wheels are among the most popular accessories for optical tuning. The neighbouring tyres, on the other hand, lead a shadowy existence with their monotonous matt black. With a completely new type of tyre spray, FOLIATEC®.com is now finally making the rubber fit for the limelight.

Shiny idea for hobby and decoration

Handicrafts and decorating are fun. But if you want to amaze your guests, friends or customers, you need a regular supply of ideas. The new FOLIATEC®.com chrome spray is a versatile tool for transforming seemingly banal things into shiny eye-catchers: whether table decorations, original gift wrappings, mementos or ideas for cars.

#individuality #creativity #passion 2019

Boredom was yesterday! At FOLIATEC®.com, we have been making it our business for over 35 years to develop innovative and creative products to give customers the opportunity to individualise their vehicles.

Cult colour of the tuners

The colour gunmetal grey, a metallic grey-blue, has become an indispensable part of the tuning scene. Car manufacturers have also long since discovered the cool tone for themselves - for example as a finish for sporty, aggressive alloy wheels.

Rainbow instead Greyzone

The plastic tinting film from FOLIATEC®.com transforms ordinary plastic components into real eye-catchers. After "Yellow", "Smoke" and "Red", now comes a very special innovation: the plastic tinting film rainbow effect. It is a transparent film with an integrated filter.

Boredom effectively thwarted

Rim sizes have grown noticeably in recent years and many designs present themselves as extremely open and filigree. This sets the stage for a component that can be strikingly staged with little effort: the brake caliper.

The cool alternative to seat covers - also suitable for bike saddles

The colour of the car seats has a decisive influence on the look of the interior. In the past, those who wanted to restyle the seats often resorted to slipcovers. The effect: a more or less "scary" design and a dubious fit.

Nippon-Tuning: LugNuzzCover from FOLIATEC tested

The 2019 tuning season is just around the corner and has, as announced, ordered the LugNuzzCover from for your VW Phaeton.

From sports car to patrol car

Stripes on the bonnet have long been considered an extremely sporty decoration. Even cooler, however, is an entire patrol car, as the initiative TUNE IT! SAFE! initiative proves every year.

Fair discount for Essen Motorshow

On 01.12.2018, Europe's largest and most important performance show for tuning, motorsport, sporty production vehicles, classic cars and motorbikes will start again. PROSHAPE for Youngtimer too

In the 1980s, FOLIATEC®.com made window tinting film a trendy must-have. Today, most vehicles from this era are already allowed to carry an H registration plate and are once again very popular. competition - Every 10th purchase free!

The Competition will commence at 00:00 on 23/11/2018 and will end at 23:59 on 23/11/2018 ("Competition Period").

The glare strips provide better visibility and a cool look

Especially in autumn and winter, the sun sometimes seems to be at eye level above the asphalt - and there is the threat of a dangerous blind flight. participates in new flagship of TUNE IT! SAFE!

Since 2005, TUNE IT! SAFE! has been campaigning for safe tuning. Partners are, for example, the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Association of Automobile Tuners (VDAT), the NRW police and companies from the automotive industry such as FOLIATEC®.com.

Halloween Promotion Days 2018

We're giving you a 25% discount on all products* on our Halloween promotion days.
So what are you waiting for?

Colour and protection for the rims in winter use

The cold season is not far off.
That's why Rico Garbatzki,, has given his rims a winter-proof new design with our spray film set and our spray film sealer.

Focus and Focus Money distinguish

The Nuremberg-based company FOLIATEC®.com is known above all for its innovative design ideas for vehicles and has been on the market for over 35 years.

Summer Sale!

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures cooler, and summer is coming to an end.
The perfect time to get active on your car once again.

We will build a Red Cross motorbike

Mirko Dölle, journalist, has already used our spray film twice to transform his private motorbike into a Red Cross motorbike - and back again.

Carbage Run 2018 - Europe trip at a budget price

With a "rocked-out" oldie for 500 € once across Europe? What sounds like a bad joke is actually a ritual that has been going on for almost 10 years. The "Carbage Run

New tint for the T3 Bulli

Bernie, who runs a very successful blog about his Bulli T3, has given his "Bruno" a new window tint with our tinting film.

36 degrees and it's getting hotter...

Are you still sweating or are you already tinting?
Temperatures are rising and rising, climbing to a record high. Travelling long distances in the car? Only if there's no other way. shows DIY products "around the wheel" at automechanika

Vehicle tuning has long since become part of popular culture - but only very few dare to undertake extensive conversion measures. "Barrier-free tuning" is therefore one of the focal points of FOLIATEC®.com's extensive product range, which is likely to be well received by the trade and motorists alike. Streetculture Event Nuremberg

First one, then two, then three, then four, then "STREETCULTURE Nürnberg - Made In Germany" is just around the corner! One of the biggest tuning meetings in Northern Bavaria will be coming to the Max Morlock Stadium again on 18 August and FOLIATEC®.com will be enriching the event with four top-class cars.

"Hannibal" takes spray film from hard on its heels

Like the legendary TV stars of the "A-Team", Ingo Krämer and Christian Hartmann have joined forces to fight for a good cause on the streets. The eye brakes with you: FOLIATEC brake caliper paint for more style

Just under 440 enquiries in the past month on the subject of "Painting brake callipers" has prompted to make a small tutorial on the subject. @ Wrapping World

When Wrapping World opens its doors on Sunday, 15.07.2018, visitors can expect an exciting and unique design. While most wrappings impress with graphic elements, the Hard Rock Liner comes up with a unique structure.

One window tint, please.

Car window films from FOLIATEC®.com as attractive additional business
Window tinting films were first introduced to the German market by FOLIATEC®.com more than 35 years ago. presents "One-off Product" at "Austrian Tuning Day 2018

The extremely lively Austrian tuning scene is not only making a name for itself with the famous GTI meeting at Lake Wörthersee. On 7 July, the "Austrian Tuning Day 2018" will be the next top-class event. presents itself at GRIP CARS & COFFEE at the Sachsenring

The car magazine Grip regularly invites you to the CARS & COFFEE racetrack event. The next stop is the Sachsenring, which will be transformed into a boulevard of supercars on 24 June.

Win free tickets for GRIP CARS & COFFEE at the Sachsenring

Nothing planned for the weekend?
Then you now have the chance to win free tickets for GRIP CARS & COFFEE on 24.06.18 at the Sachsenring!

Show your colours in a different way during the World Cup!

Here we go: the World Cup is just around the corner! The German colours on the cheek or plastic flags on the side window are a must for many.

Stay cool: Get 25% discount on all tinting films!

Long car journeys in summer are often exhausting.
The car heats up quickly, the sun dazzles and not every car has air conditioning. 
With our tinting films you can defy the sun.

Chilled show - perfect shine

Lake Constance, Lake Wörthersee - and now the "SO.GA 400 - Limited Edition" at Lake Garda in Italy! In 2018, many tuning events will once again offer a lake view.

Showoff in a double pack

Everything is new in May. FOLIATEC®.com is twice as new! At Tuning World Bodensee from 10 to 13 May and at the Wörtherseetreffen from 9 to 12 May, visitors were able to marvel at the product highlights from FOLIATEC®.com in duplicate and across national borders.

A look at the MATADOR magazine: A new look in no time at all

Styling doesn't stop when you leave the front door. The car is the motorised extension of the self and of course it then has to look the part. presents the latest tuning trends at Lake Wörthersee

Setting the scene during the legendary GTI meeting from 9 to 12 May 2018 is not so easy. Because in the past 36 years, almost everything has been there before. at Tuning World Bodensee 2018

In 2018, Tuning World Bodensee will once again mark the beginning of the season for car enthusiasts. From 10 to 13 May 2018, Friedrichshafen will be transformed into an Eldorado for tuning fans.

A different way to dress up

When cool beach music plays and a handful of tuning enthusiasts dress up their cars on the screen, the new trailer from FOLIATEC®.com is sure to flicker across the screen. Body Spray Film + 2K Sealer - How to do

Your car has just been sprayed and you are wondering how to wash it in future without damaging the film?
Then we can put your mind at rest:

The street calls again

Easter Monday, 1 pm. The set-up for the first street culture event of the season has begun and there is already a lot of activity. Bright sunshine greets us in Regensburg in front of the new Jahn Stadium.

The low scty starts the new tuning season with the Season Opening 2k18

Only when the slush on the roadside has disappeared do the car enthusiasts and tuning fans dare to take to the asphalt again.

Shades of Grey meets Hard Rock Liner

Grey rocks the canvas - FOLIATEC®.com rocks the gray. If the color stands for individual style and impressive appearances, FOLIATEC®.com goes one step further and gives the color a rocking design.

The new pages of 2018

Creativity and individuality distinguish the special from the "ordinary" drivers. Those who want to convince their peers of their talents need a strong brand that embodies these qualities.

The new pages of

Creativity and individuality distinguish the special from the "ordinary" drivers. Those who want to convince their peers of their talents need a strong brand that embodies these qualities. presents the popular rim stripes in a new color

Why do rally cars so often wear stripes? The answer is: to convey the dynamics they can call up on the race track even when stationary. With PIN Striping Racing for motorcycles, bikers can also make it clear right at the red light what is about to happen when the light signal changes color.

LugNuzzCover from available in new color shade

Action, dynamics, speed! The color red is not only the color of lovers, but is understood as a clear announcement and is therefore particularly popular for sports cars. presents the car body spray film 2K sealer

Car styling and optical tuning are more than just a hobby for many car enthusiasts, rather it is a real life task. There is always something to improve, optimize and beautify. presents a roadster of a special kind

Some of the 356,500 visitors to this year's Essen Motor Show literally experienced their blue miracle. At the stand of FOLIATEC®.com, no less than the rebirth of the Millennium Roadster could be marveled at.

Clear the stage for the new TUNE IT! SAFE! campaign vehicle

For the Essen Motor Show 2017, TUNE IT! SAFE! transformed an iconic powerhouse into a roadworthy refined super sports car. The base vehicle provided by Volkswagen R has been extensively converted by the tuning specialists at OETTINGER into the new TUNE IT! SAFE! campaign vehicle.

Win 3 x 2 day tickets for the Essen Motor Show

We are giving away 3 x 2 day tickets for the Essen Motor Show
What do you have to do?
Answer the competition question below and write the answer as a comment under our Facebook post. shows revised Roadster at the Essen Motor Show

Anyone who wants to stand out at the Essen Motor Show needs a hot iron in the fire. After all, with over 500 exhibitors, Germany's second-largest auto show is a veritable showcase of sensations.

Christmas Deal from makes its fans and all other car enthusiasts a very special Christmas gift. If you want to give your loved one, buddy or even your sweetheart something extravagant under the Christmas tree, you can give away a voucher from User Interview

Body Spray Film, Hard Rock Liner, 2K Paint Spray, Interior Color Spray, Brake Caliper Paint and LugNuzzCover. Rene Gusella has already tried out some of our products on his Renault Espace. We asked him for you, how he got along with the products. at the VAU-MAX Tuning Show

All fans of fat machines got their money's worth this weekend. The Ludwigslust Industrial Museum, or more precisely the Heinrichshütte in Hattingen, provided the backdrop for the third VAU-MAX Tuning Show.

LowBall around the World Tour starts under the orange

What to do when the summer in Central Europe is slowly fading and autumn is already in sight? The best thing is to visit the "hot spots" of the continent to extend the summer a little.

Show us your on Instagram!

Money back? Show us your look on Instagram with the hashtag
#foliatec, #bedifferent and link the picture with @official_foliatec

Become the king of campers with

Camping and caravans go together like yin and yang or cheese and burgers. The fact that you can also refine your favorite food with exotic ingredients can be seen in the many fancy restaurants in Düsseldorf. sponsors products for a good cause!

More than 6,000 visitors came to the Ofenwerk in bright sunshine to spend a varied day for a good cause. Many took the opportunity to "donate" a ride in one of the sports cars from De Tomaso, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini & Co. Paint Protection Film for Trunk Sill Paint Protection Film for Trunk Sill is a must-have for every car. It is scratch resistant and protects the pain from damages. Bike Tutorial

Neon Red Pin Striping on the rims, Interior Color Spray on the saddle and Spray Film in black (plus Spray Film Saler) on the Frame.

Styling the Future since 1982

In 1982, the future is made: The legendary C64 is launched and acts like a turbocharger for the home computer market - in addition, the legendary smiley emoticon is used in an e-mail for the first time.

FOLIATEC®.com as main sponsor of the LowBall around the World Tour

When you think of FOLIATEC®.com, you think of car gadgets and bright orange. But in the future, social projects will also be among them. As the main sponsor of the "LowBall around the World Tour," the Nuremberg styling specialists are now committed to the Heart Children Austria and the Adamhof animal shelter.

Event-News: Be a part of the „LOWBALL-TOUR 2017“

The planned rally will be an unforgettable experience for all car enthusiasts and will start on September 08, 2017. For the 50 participants, the rally will start in Graz and head to the azure blue Adriatic Sea in Italy, then on to Croatia and, after a detour in Hungary, back to Austria on September 10, 2017.

20 years brake caliper paint by

FOLIATEC®.com will be a proud 35 years old in 2017, with the current spelling of the company name being introduced as the web address exactly a decade ago.

Hard Rock Liner meets Millennium Roadster

Just a few decades ago, the year 2000 sounded like pure science fiction, with authors and directors never tiring of fantasizing about nuclear-powered flying cars and vacation trips to Mars.

World Premiere at Wörthersee

The absolute must-attend event for every admirer of tuned Volkswagens takes place at the end of May: The GTI meeting on Lake Wörthersee. From 24 to 27 May 2017, the idyllic town of Reifnitz will once again become a Mecca for VW and tuning fans.

New Season: Streetculture 2017

FOLIATEC®.com Millennium Roadster also in the stadium
Good-humored crowds streamed towards the Nuremberg stadium at the beginning of May. But instead of soccer, fans and lawns, one saw mainly individually designed vehicles. NEW- LugNuzzCover for your Rims

You like the trendy Lug-Nuts look, but a conversion to studs is out of the question for you? For fans of Nippon Tuning FOLIATEC®.com has something absolutely new in the program: the LugNuzzCover. inspires trade fair visitors in Friedrichshafen

Not only did the five-member trade fair team from FOLIATEC®.com have their hands full at Tuning World Bodensee, but also the numerous visitors who came to admire the world's first at the stand. LugNuzzCover

In this video we show you everything you need to know about our new product the LugNuzzCover: Brake Calliper Lacquer

In this video we show you how easy you can give your car a new look with the Brake Calliper Lacquer!

Friedrichshafen celebrates

In its own anniversary year, FOLIATEC®.com will once again attract all eyes at Tuning World Bodensee (28.4.-1.5.2017) with its extraordinary presentations.

Checked - Clicked - Driven: LugNuzzCover from

Beauty does not only come from the inside! Fans of Nippon Tuning will be delighted with the new FOLIATEC®.com LugNuzzCover - so that even the most boring rims become individual eye-catchers.

Win 3 x 2 day tickets for Tuning World Bodensee!

We are giving away 3 x 2 day tickets for Tuning World Bodensee. What you have to do?
Search for your favorite product on, copy the link and post it together with the item number as a comment under our Facebook post. Carbody Spray Film in the test

Marc from CarTechYT and Paul have tested our body spray film. DIY Window Tinting - How To Do

You want to tint your windows, but are too afraid?
In this Video we explain to how it works!

In the fast lane thanks to decorative stripes

Stripes don't just look good on zebras: they also look simply sexy on motorcycle tires. Especially when it comes to Pin Striping Racing from FOLIATEC®.com.

Check your car on the race track

The Track & Safety Days are entering their second year with even more power and passion. Tuning professional Sidney Hoffmann is also enthusiastic about the campaign and did not miss the opportunity to become an ambassador for the Track & Safety Days 2017.

Creative Use of the Carbody Spray Film

In 2015, EP.AUTOMOTIVE.RACING collaborated with artist TOMPIT to spray a Porsche for the 2015 Tour de Corse with body spray film, creating a unique work of art!

Movie Star wanted!

We are looking for a "movie star on 4 wheels" for our new promotional video. Your car takes on one of the main roles in the video and also gets a paint job on the brake calipers. celebrates the 35th birthday

The well-known manufacturer FOLIATEC®.com celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2017. It all started with a stay in the USA of the founder Michael Böhm, who started selling tinting film for car windows after his return from the land of unlimited opportunities.

Colorful individuality

Noble black, bright red, summery yellow - the favorite color varies from person to person. And the design of the car may be as individual as the car owner himself.

No Colour was yesterday

Standard brakes are often kept simple and hide rather inconspicuously behind the rims. Thanks to FOLIATEC®.com, they can be staged more individually.

PRE Season Price

You plan to wrap your car in a cool color for the 2017 season? Then strike now! PRE-SEASON PRICE on spray systems and body spray films!

Product test: Brake caliper paint

Driver's Pocket will test some products extensively in the near future. In the first episode Marc deals in detail with our brake caliper paint. In detail means that he not only tests and processes the product, but also provides a lot of tips and information.

Auto Bild makes the test: Retrofit tinting film

Christian Bruns and Tim Dahlgaard from Auto Bild dared to try it themselves and installed a PROSHAPE, a tailor-made 3D fit film for easy do-it-yourself installation, in their VW Passat Variant 3BG.

Old paint in new splendor

No car survives for long without paint. In addition to the visual aspects, the paintwork of a vehicle primarily acts as a protective coating against the effects of weather and corrosion. To be optimally protected, every vehicle should therefore have an intact paint finish.

Halloween Discount 2016

Simply put the desired color of the spray film, 150ml with in the shopping cart and enter the following coupon code: HALLOWEEN16

Radiantly beautiful: Care power for spray films

The Ford Focus RS from Automann-TV needed after several kilometers driven times urgently a cleaning...
Thanks to the spray film cleaner, the rims now shine again with full NEON power!

Color contrast in gray autumn

Many people want to be individual and stand out from the crowd. One way to realize this dream is to give your own car an unusual design.

How to do: Remove Carbody Spray Film

In this video we show you how easy it is to remove the body spray film from a vehicle.

Car Body spray film transforms series vehicle into a real unique specimen

In a tuning series, FREIE WERKSTATT magazine accompanies two friends, Claudio and Meier, and their cars on their way from a standard vehicle to a perfectly tuned one-off.

With the spray film colorful and protected through the cold season

When it gets cooler outside again, it's time to think about changing the wheels again: summer tires are now on a break, because it's time for winter tires. at the automechanika in Frankfurt 2016

With 4,820 exhibitors from 76 countries, the recently concluded Automechanika in Frankfurt am Main is the world's largest aftermarket trade fair for automotive products.

Automechanika 2016 - ZDF Morgenmagazin tests FOLIATEC car body spray film

Isabel de la Vega was on the road for the ZDF Morgenmagazin at the Automechanika and visited us in our Experience Dome.

GT-Blue from now available as Carbody Spray Film

Many people answer the question about their favorite color with blue. Exceedingly appropriately, the Italian band Eiffel 65 sang about a boy's life in this color in their dance song "Blue" a few years ago, from the house to the garden to the Corvette.

Gelä FOLIATEC is THE specialist for Offroad-Vehicles

The fate of a pickup spare tire is not an easy one. In most cases, it hangs under the truck bed and is pretty much helpless in the face of slush, salt, off-road muck and other natural adversities.

Pimp my Bike

It's summer - high season for all motorcyclists! For many bikers, their vehicle is the most important companion, where they also like to lend a hand themselves and test different designs. Spray Film Test

We have often asked ourselves what the spray film from is good for and how easy it is to apply. We dared to test it on Bruno's Clio rims. sponsors products for a good cause!

More than 3,000 visitors came to the Ofenwerk to spend a varied day in the spirit of a good cause. Many took the opportunity to "donate" a ride in one of the sports cars from Noble, De Tomaso, Lamborghini & Co.

Competition - New Product

One or two? Vote now and win. from 13 September at automechanika in Frankfurt

With an average of over 4,500 exhibitors, automechanika in Frankfurt am Main is considered the world's largest aftermarket trade fair for automotive products. In 2016 it will take place from 13 to 17 September. Want a colour change? Body Spray Film

Black, white, grey - these classic colours are encountered on the road every day. But what do you do if you have long since found the car of your dreams, but its appearance could do with a "refresh"?

We say THANK YOU for a gigantic 100,000 Facebook fans!

That's why on 18.07.2016 until midnight you will receive the DIY spray system and the thinner GIFT when you buy a car body spray film professional set!

Spray film design for performmaster AMG with 410 hp

Mercedes-AMG driving fun for a whole weekend! In the new FOLIATEC®.com project, car lovers could vote for their favourite design of the new performmaster A45 AMG and, with a bit of luck, call the 410 hp model their own for two days.

Car Repair Tutorial: Painting the Brake Caliper

The guys from Auto Reparatur Tutorial painted their brake calipers with our brake caliper paint.

Track & Safety Days 2016 by TUNE IT! SAFE!

The special driving safety training courses and tuning workshops for young drivers of tuned vehicles will take place from August to October 2016 in driving safety centres at eight locations nationwide and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport.

EM Competition Brake Caliper Paint Set

All participants who guess the result of the game correctly will be entered into a draw to win 10 brake caliper paint sets (colour of choice). 

EM competition jersey

Three UEFA EURO 2016 home shirts of the German national team will be raffled among all participants who correctly guess the result of the match. 

EM competition

A FOLIATEC spray system and three car body spray film sets worth over 300 euros will be raffled off among all participants who guess the result of the game correctly.

Painting brake callipers quickly and easily!

Dani and Domi from BARS TUNING TV tested our brake caliper paint. They were very enthusiastic about the product and can only recommend "Top quality at a good price! spray foils Audi S3 from Automann-TV to become a real eye-catcher

Classic white was yesterday! In the current tuning project of Automann-TV, the authentic car channel on the net, the main aim was to change the look of the Audi S3 saloon. Brake Caliper Paint in Practice Test

Rico Garbatzki, has tested our brake caliper paint once again.

Use of the FACT Design antenna

Rico Garbatzki, was looking for a new stylish antenna and chose our FACT Design Antenna Type Pin 2. Universal 2K Paint Spray in the Test

Rico Garbatzki, has tested our Universal 2K Paint Spray.

Raffle by and performmaster

Fancy winning a weekend with the performmaster A 45 AMG with 410 hp? Or other cool prizes from, such as a FOLIATEC DIY spray system - professional set or a spray film set (2 x 400 ml) together with a brake caliper paint set? from 24 May at the tyre fair in Essen

Black, round, boring - as important as car tyres are for the performance of a car, they cut a very poor figure in terms of styling. supports "The Rally for a Good Cause

The Dresden - Dakar - Banjul Rally takes place twice a year. The aim of this challenge, which is organised by Breitengrad e.V., is to auction off the participating vehicles for local charitable purposes.

Drift for a smile

Our Italian distributor N.T.P. did without Christmas cards and presents last year and instead brought 35 orphans from the South Tyrolean Children's Village to the race track on 17 April 2016 for the first race of the "Time Attack Italia 2016". presentation in Friedrichshafen and at Lake Wörthersee 2016

Whether Tuning World Bodensee (5.5.-8.5.2016) or GTI-Treffen (4.5.-7.5.2016), FOLIATEC®.com will attract all eyes with its extraordinary product presentations at both locations. shoots new promotional film "Revenge is Sweet"

The film specialist FOLIATEC®.com brought a touch of Hollywood to the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region with the shooting of its new advertising film.

Clear the stage for the new promotional film - Here you can see the whole story

Big cinema in Franconia: For two days, sprayed a touch of Hollywood in the Mertropol region. The occasion was the shooting of the new advertising film in which the car body spray film and the spray system were skilfully staged.

A look behind the scenes - Making of the advertising film has made a new promotional film and gives a look behind the scenes... presents new car body spray films

According to statistics from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, grey was able to assert itself as the most popular new car colour last year, relegating the classic black to second place.

Become a spray film support point now

Thanks to the innovative car body spray film from FOLIATEC®.com, surfaces can be effortlessly redesigned in terms of colour without making any long-term commitments - because the film layer can be easily removed again at any time. Tuning Car 2016

The game is over, the jury has decided, the winners are known!
A big thank you to all participants to the Tuning Car 2016
and congratulations to the three winners! Brake Caliper Paint in the Test 2016

Rico Garbatzki, has tested our brake caliper paint.

Individual design and sporty look with the new Aero Design Kit

Looking different from others - an individual look for their own vehicle is important to many drivers. Spray Film + Spray Film Sealer + Spray Film Cleaner - How to do

In this video we show you how quickly and easily you can spray your rims with spray film and then protect them with our brand new spray film sealer.

Curve hunter in first-class design

FOLIATEC®.com body spray film individualized 680 hp BMW of the wheel brand Dotz. For years, the Dotz brand is known for exceptional alloy wheels in the passenger car aftermarket

Invisible protective shield: Paint protection film for door edges

Every day, numerous doors open and close, also on vehicles of all kinds. If you are not careful for a moment, the much hated concrete and garage walls strike relentlessly.

#individuality #creativity #passion 2016

Color comes into play again in 2016 with FOLIATEC®.com. New format, new content, new ideas - the 2016 FOLIATEC®.com catalogs are here!

"The heat is on": With the new brake caliper paints from

When it comes to vehicle safety, the brakes are of prominent importance. Yet they often hide inconspicuously behind the rims.

We are looking for the Tuning Car 2016!

Send us a cool picture of your tuning car and win one of our great prizes pimps vehicle of rim brand Dotz

The wait is over! DOTZ presents the new Revvo. But before that, the DD1 was redesigned from a spectacular drifter to an aggressive street racer

The new spray film sealer

Whether noble silver, bright red or classic black, consistent colour intensity and durability of the applied FOLIATEC®.com spray film is what all individualists want.

The new "How to do" video from

The look of bonnets, add-on parts and even complete vehicles can be easily changed and personalised thanks to FOLIATEC®.com body spray film, even without painting experience. car body spray film in long-term test

Saint Raphaël on the Côte d'Azur, the sun is shining.
UV-stable - Body spray film Car Body Spray Film - How To Do

Just take your time!
We show you from A to Z how to coat a Golf 6 GTI with our body spray film. on the move

Thanks to the mobile website and the new registration function in the online shop, the shopping experience at FOLIATEC®.com is now even easier.

Foolish days at

Attention all fools and jesters: Whether your greeting is "helau", "alaaf" or "aha", a shopping visit to FOLIATEC®.com is particularly worthwhile for everyone at the moment.

Powered by TUNING PROJECT CAR in the "TUNING-Bomb" livery

TUNING BOMB - this is the name of the new outer skin of the Subaru WRX STI. presents Body Spray Film Accessories

FOLIATEC®.com presents accessories around the unique body spray film
Optical car transformation in the twinkling of an eye - thanks to FOLIATEC®.com, the personal "dream car look" can be realised effortlessly. Body Spray Film also for Cosplay Costumes

He was the giant of the Essen Motor Show: Whenever Andreas Bauer (29) appeared, smartphones flashed and an enthusiastic crowd was always around him. vouchers for Christmas

Bright fairy lights, roasted almonds and the scent of mulled wine - in the midst of Advent, many are looking for suitable Christmas gifts.

Kabeleins: K1 Magazine tests the spray film

Getting new paint on the rims is not difficult with the right spray. The best thing about it is that the paint can be peeled off again when the next makeover is due.

User pictures from Peru

Today we have received user pictures from Peru. products installed: Spray film and windscreen film.

Trendy winter styling with

More and more tuning fans are now resorting to a simple means of customising their car easily and cheaply, even in the winter months, and adapting it to their personal taste.

Transform your car!

They are gigantic, changeable and simply cult! "Transformers" have been thrilling children and adults for decades, whether as toy figures, series or films.

Auto Zurich Car Show 2015

From 29.10. - 01.11. it was that time again:
For the 29th time, the Auto Zürich Car Show opened its doors to visitors interested in cars and motor sports on the grounds of Messe Zürich.

Another type of body spray film

EP.AUTOMOTIVE.RACING sprayed a Porsche for the Tour de Corse 2015 with the body spray film and created a unique piece of art together with the artist TOMPIT! Competition for the Essen Motor Show 2015

In addition to two tickets for the Essen Motor Show 2015, the photographer will put you in the spotlight* at an exclusive photo shoot in front of an extraordinary backdrop.

Recommended Spray Film Remover

The spray films from FOLIATEC®.com have long since ceased to be an insider tip when it comes to the individual design of one's own vehicle.

Spray Foil Guide

While preparing for the 2016 special used car issue of AUTO ZEITUNG, the editors came up with an exciting topic: "Film instead of repainting" and in this context also our body spray film.

Makeover for less than 150 euros!?

Save now on our new trendy styling packages! spray film simply excellent

Easy to process, highly elastic and with very good covering power, these properties characterize the FOLIATEC®.com spray film, which can be a real alternative to painting. Spray Film Remover: recommended!

In issue 6/2015, TUNING Magazine tested our Spray Film Remover and found it "recommendable". spray film wins Plus X Award!

Our spray film was nominated by the Plus X Award jury for participation in the Plus X Award - the world's largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle.

You Name It tests the car body spray film

Sascha Manke from the company You Name It has made a kind of product video/tutorial for us for the introduction of our body spray film.

Apply tinting film yourself

Vanessa and Christian have tested our PROSHAPE tinting film. Here you can see the tutorial! sponsors products for a good cause!

Beaming faces and enormous donations at the sports car charity in Nuremberg.

Bru tries it: Hot Wheels - spray film for the rims!

BRU has tested our spray film and published the result in his blog. Here you can see his tutorial!

FOLIATEC merchandise

Get it now! Spray Film Remover

Quick and easy

TUNING PROJECT CAR - New look for the Subaru WRX STI has given the TUNING PROJECT CAR a new exterior color with the body spray film. The decision was made for the color mustard green metallic matt.

Quick help from the can - The specially developed spray film remover

Individual accents can be created in no time at all with the spray film from FOLIATEC®.com: The product not only impresses with its wide range of colors and versatile use on rims, the hood or the entire vehicle. Brake caliper paint in test 2015

Kit Car Magazine (UK) has tested our brake caliper paint.

Formula Student - HTW Berlin Motorsport powered by

Formula Student is a global racing competition in which universities and colleges around the world participate.

Individual dream car Design - drives innovative spraying foil system out immediately over A.T.U.

Thanks to FOLIATEC®.com body spray film, not only rims, exterior mirrors and engine hoods shine in an individual look in no time.

Design which makes joy - spray foil set of immediately with rubber gloves

Highly elastic, easy processing and a very good opacity characterize the spray films from FOLIATEC®.com.

Here the result: the Tuning Project Car in mustard green metallic matt

Das Tuning Project Car in senfgrün metallic matt.

Colorful tip for economy foxes - extends without surcharge lacquer set for brake calipers

For individual design, FOLIATEC®.com also has an extensive range of brake caliper paints in its program.

Spray film NEON

Vanessa and Christian have tested our spray film NEON. Here you can see the tutorial!

Bright colors are fully in the trend - extends the color pallet for spray foil NEON

FOLIATEC®.com is expanding its range of popular spray films to include the neon colors blue and red. provides valuable tips: Points worth noting for the safe handling of spray systems

As innovation leader and test winner FOLIATEC®.com with its again developed body spray foil set again the Benchmark: An individual and full surface transformation of the own vehicle optics succeeds with this quality product in the twinkling of an eye.

Dip Your Car with Body Spray Film from

This video is a tutorial on how to use our body spray film. Martin Sarnow was convinced by the absolutely flawless result of the device and the film.

FOLISH your car with body spray film from

The guys from Auto Repair Tutorial have tested our new body spray film spray system.

Interior Color Spray

INTERIOR foam cleaner interior color spray

Colorful like spring: Pin Striping Racing Rims Design

The first ride brings even more joy when the bike not only flashes and blinks, but comes individually designed really stylish. For this FOLIATEC®.com now offers a pin striping set for the rims.

Body spray film bike

Step by step guide

"Do it yourself" at the GTI meeting at the Wörthersee!

From 13 to 16 May FOLIATEC®.com offers in Reifnitz at the fair place 5 at the ATU tent the possibility of putting on even hand and the popular spray film as well as the brand-new and innovative car body spray film on heart and kidneys to test.

Trade show appearance presents itself as an impressive experience

Already briefly after entering the resounding B2 the conditions of FOLIATEC®.com fell directly in the eye: The CI Design in the colors orange and black pulled itself thereby from the DJ desk over the Lounge range up to the Flagshipstore and the internal FOLIATEC®.com bar.

Well equipped for the automotive adventure

On May 9, the Allgäu-Orient Rally starts for the tenth time. Thousands of kilometers lie ahead of the participants on their way from Oberstaufen in Bavaria to Jordan.

Experience now!

From April 30, numerous fans and companies will meet at Tuning World Bodensee 2015, the international trade fair event for car tuning, lifestyle and club scene.

Dream car look to spray on

With this new development in the field of foiling, FOLIATEC®.com now presents its popular all-rounder for large-area application on complete vehicles.

Get a new dress for your car!

With the newly developed body spray film, FOLIATEC®.com now presents its popular all-rounder for professional and large-area application on complete vehicles.

Finish with distinction

The spray film from FOLIATEC®.com has been popular with hobby designers for years. It is not only the variety of colors that is convincing, but also the high-quality product properties that speak for the "design miracle tool from the can".

This is how individualization works today

Hot-off-the-press catalogs for end customers and retailers, presenting all the trends and novelties.

Racing look to stick on

FOLIATEC®.com has been offering trendy and individual accents to stick on for some time now in the form of Car Design Stickers.

Full Luminosity Ahead!

Thanks to the new FOLIATEC®.com brake caliper paints NEON green, yellow and orange, numerous attractive color designs are created, especially in combination with the versatile spray film - "BE DIffERENT".

Sporty look to spray

If you want to give the sports car look of your vehicle the finishing touch, you should use the exhaust 2K paint spray from FOLIATEC®.com.

Highlights in noble copper and bright green

In the up-to-date 22 colors strong spray foil pallet of FOLIATEC®.com are to be found starting from at the end of January also the two variants copper matt metallic and toxic green glossy, with which guaranteed no boredom arises more.

Foil decor for the brand new campaign vehicle 2015

As a specialist for individual vehicle accessories FOLIATEC®.com was also this time with the party and equipped the BMW X4 2.0i xDrive with a suitable and noble outfit.

Impressive angles at the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW 2014

As a specialist for individual vehicle accessories, FOLIATEC®.com has been an integral part of the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW for years as one of around 500 exhibitors and will again provide numerous highlights this year.

Set the scene effectively for customers

With a wide range of colors, high quality and easy processing, the FOLIATEC®.com spray film is a popular all-rounder for the areas of car, hobby, home and garden.

Place for exchange of experiences, news and tutorials

The website has been completely redesigned this year and makes informing, browsing and shopping an interactive experience.

The new Car Design Sticker "RACING

Available now in the colors black matt and white matt!

The Interior Color Spray

INTERIOR COLOR SPRAY absorbs deeply into the material and is highly resistant to abrasion. Suitable for plastics and synthetic leather.


Give your motorcycle a fresh, sporty accent. The rim tapes are simply glued on and are absolutely accurate to the curvature of the rim.

FOLIATEC®.com on Instagram

You want more cool photos from FOLIATEC®.com? Then follow us on Instagram!

Automechanika 2014 in Frankfurt/Main

FOLIATEC®.com once again presents its innovations at this year's Automechanika.

Spray it on - Styling cars and motorcycles is very easy

Thanks to FOLIATEC®.com, car and bike stylists can easily and creatively implement their personal design wishes.

Now also in Size S! The new FACT antenna from FOLIATEC®.com

FOLIATEC®.com expands its range of products and presents the fashionable FACT antenna now also in size S - "BE DIffERENT"!

Colorful and inexpensive for the Football World Cup

With FOLIATEC®.com products you can show the flag

15% discount in our online store during the football world cup

For the entire duration of the World Cup, we'll give you 15% off the three products used in our picture.

***Wörthersee in 2014***

It was nice again at the Wörthersee

Attention: Beach Patrol at the GTI meeting at the Wörthersee!

FOLIATEC®.com shows show car in lifeguard style

FOLIATEC®.com sets accents

Trendy car design stickers available in new shapes and colors

Eyecatcher in Orange!

FOLIATEC®.com inspires fans at Tuning World Bodensee 2014

Light up your life!

Spray film from FOLIATEC®.com now also available in neon colors

Colourful diversity – from now on also in small cans

The FOLIATEC®.com spray film range, now with 22 variants, brings colorful variety to cars, living rooms and all of life.

Spring fever – stylish NEON stripes!

PIN STRIPING design stripes from FOLIATEC®.com give every car an unmistakable style.

New colour highlights for brake calipers

Whether a dynamic touch or the icing on the cake for the perfect outfit - with the high-quality brake caliper paints from FOLIATEC®.com, a striking look can be achieved in no time at all.

Come to Friedrichshafen!

In a few days it's time again: the Tuning World Bodensee opens its doors! As usual, you will find FOLIATEC®.com in hall B2, directly at the glass front at the main aisle.

FOLIATEC®.com Fact Antenna S

FOLIATEC®.com has added another attractive model to its range of sporty short rod antennas: the Fact Antenna S

Brake Cleaner - now also available in single cans

Our Brake Cleaner is now also available as a single can and is the ideal complement to the Universal 2K Spray.

FOLIATEC®.com Brake caliper paint assembly set - everything you need at hand

The brake caliper paint assembly set is a complete assembly set for optimal processing of the FOLIATEC®.com brake caliper paint set and complements it perfectly.

Geneva Motor Show 2014

The manufacturers presented their novelties and highlights for the coming car year in Geneva. FOLIATEC®.com was present at the CAREX booth in Hall 7, where it showed the latest design and accessory trends.

BE DIffERENT. - New brand slogan of FOLIATEC®.com

Spring comes on four wheels. PIN STRIPING design stripes from FOLIATEC®.com give every car an unmistakable style.