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Individual design and sporty look with the new Aero Design Kit

FOLIATEC®.com easily gives every vehicle the right wings

Looking different from others - an individual look for one's own vehicle is important to many drivers. Dynamic design and an extra portion of race feeling can be achieved in no time with the new Aero Design Kit from FOLIATEC®.com. The four self-adhesive wings with a length of 15 or 22 centimeters can be placed anywhere and provide the ultimate eye-catcher.

Thus, the personal unique piece succeeds in the twinkling of an eye: Thanks to their flexibility, the small components of the new FOLIATEC®.com Aero Design Kit adapt perfectly to the shape of the car body and can be positioned anywhere. There are no limits to the creativity of the vehicle owner. The special highlight of the Aero Design Kit: Buyers can also design the wings with the spray film and the body spray film from the range of FOLIATEC®.com completely to their taste and thus set bright accents. This film can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue and replaced by a new color shade if desired.

And the FOLIATEC®.com Aero Design Kit has yet another pleasant side effect: made of sturdy solid rubber, this accessory also provides protection against unwanted scratches caused by minor parking bumps or careless door opening in tight parking spaces. Once attached, the extremely adhesive glue ensures perfect hold - even a visit to the car wash does not affect the spoilers. The Aero Design Kit can be ordered directly from the FOLIATEC®.com online store at a price of 34.95 euros. BE DIffERENT with

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