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Colour and protection for the rims in winter use

The cold season is not far off.
That's why Rico Garbatzki,, gave his rims a winter-proof new design with our spray film set and our spray film sealer.

His conclusion: "I think the new anthracite metallic looks pretty good on the rims ?
The application with the FOLIATEC spray film set is really easy. In addition, apply the spray-on film sealer and the dirt doesn't stand a chance ;-)".

In the picture gallery you can see the progress and applications:

The application temperature must be between 15 °C and 25 °C.
The surface to be sprayed must be clean, dry and free of grease.
The inside of the rims, valves, contact surfaces for wheel bolts/wheel nuts and wheel hub as well as the inner contact surface to the hub must be covered.

Degrease the rims with the cleaning cloths included in the set.
Then loosely insert the enclosed cards between the rim and tyre.

Shake the spray can upside down.
Spray on the spray film thinly several times to avoid runnings.

Repeat shaking the can between sprays. Keep a distance of approx. 40 cm from the object to be sprayed.
In order to be able to remove the film easily, it should be applied with at least four thin sprays in a criss-cross pattern. Allow to flash off for 10 minutes after each spray.

Remove the masking cards immediately after the last spray.

When the spray film has dried, the spray film sealer can be applied in two cross coats with a flash-off time of 10 minutes. Beforehand, of course, place the masking cards between the rim and the tyre again and remove the masking cards immediately after the last spraying cycle.


right BEFORE, left AFTER

Finished result: TOP!

 Now the winter can come.