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Shops worldwide PROSHAPE for Youngtimer too

Now it's getting dark for young classics
The FOLIATEC®.com PROSHAPE tinting films for cars of the 80s and 90s

In the 1980s, FOLIATEC®.com made window tinting film a trendy must-have. Today, most vehicles from this era are already allowed to carry an H registration plate and are once again very popular. But youngtimers from the early 90s also find their enthusiasts. FOLIATEC®.com offers the pre-cut PROSHAPE window tinting film for many well-known car models from this era. In addition to many modern vehicle types, the product range also includes numerous young classics: such as Alfa 145, Audi 80 B4, the BMW 3 Series E30 and E36, Citroen Xantia, Fiat Uno, Ford Escort, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes E-Class W124 and G-Model, Nissan 100 NX Coupé, Opel Kadett E and Omega A, Peugeot 106 and 306, VW Golf II and T3. A complete overview is available in the configurator:

PROSHAPE films are not only pre-cut with the help of a computer, but are also manually pre-shaped individually on original windows. The result is a precisely fitting 3D film set that makes self-installation on the classic car child's play - wrinkle-free and bubble-free. Prices start at 99 euros for the complete set, which includes the rear side windows and the rear window. Retrofitting a window tinting film is particularly useful for older vehicle types. They often lack air-conditioning and colour glazing, so the additional heat rejection pays off quickly, especially in summer. In addition, the 99-percent UV protection of FOLIATEC®.com PROSHAPE films prevents the interior from fading, and plastics also remain fresh for longer.

Depending on the requirements in terms of appearance and properties, FOLIATEC®.com offers a total of 18 different film variants in the PROSHAPE range. For example, the focus of the Midnight and Blacknight series is primarily on tinting and an attractive appearance. The customer can also choose between the gradations "Light", "Softdark", "Dark" and "Superdark". The light transmission varies between 35 and 5 percent. However, if you want more than just basic heat protection, you should go for the Midnight Reflex, Blacknight Reflex or Blacksteel films. Except for the latter, which is only available in "Light" and "Softdark", the others are available in all tinting variants. Depending on the model, the heat rejection is between 50 and 71 percent, with FOLIATEC®.com Blacksteel Softdark being the maximum.

Drivers do not have to worry about registration with any version: PROSHAPE films are registration-free thanks to the General Type Approval supplied. FOLIATEC®.com also underlines the high quality of the multi-layer structure with a five-year guarantee.

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