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Styling the Future since 1982

FOLIATEC®.com takes the pulse of the tuning scene for 35 years

In 1982, the future is made: The legendary C64 comes onto the market and acts like a turbocharger for the home computer market - in addition, the legendary smiley emoticon is used in an e-mail for the first time. Michael Böhm also puts a grin on people's faces back then with the founding of the company FOLIATEC®.com - at least those who let themselves be carried along a bit by the massive tuning wave. From a vacation in America, the trendsetter brought back the ubiquitous window tinting as a practical film solution for retrofitting. On the other side of the pond, this had already been available since 1966, but in large parts of Europe such a product was still completely unknown. The first small batch from his travel luggage was literally snatched out of Böhm's hands, and the founding of the company followed on its heels.

FOLIA TEC, as it was initially to be spelled in the offline age, became a huge success. Since 24-hour online stores had not yet been invented and even BTX was only just appearing on the "screen", a day-and-night telephone hotline took care of those who wanted to place orders. From then on, the company's headquarters, still located in sleepy Burgfarnbach at the time, mutated into a trend factory - and the tuning scene is wide awake every time a new catalog comes out.

In the mid-80s, red taillights and chrome stripes in the parking lot in front of the disco are suddenly totally out: Black not only comes out of the boxes, but is also a new styling credo in tuning. That's why FOLIA TEC launches the StopLight Styling Spray in 1985, which makes it easy to tint the taillights. In 1987, StripeLine is added, the matte black tint for all chrome trim strips. Just how trendy the dark look was at the time is shown by the fact that even carmaker BMW offered something similar ex works in the form of Shadowline.

In the 90s, the world became colorful again, but inside most vehicles remained black and gray. In 1992, FOLIA TEC provided a remedy in many cases and sold the interior styling spray for the first time, which was suitable for all artificial leather parts: such as door panels, gear knob or seats. Light alloy wheels were now a must for sporty cars, but functional dreariness continued to reign behind them. Exactly 20 years ago, therefore, FOLIA TEC came up with the idea of a styling classic that could be used by anyone, and which is still constantly being reinvented with new colors and variations: the brake caliper paint, which is currently available in 25 different shades. The company stepped on the gas again in 2000, when it moved into its new headquarters in sophisticated Nuremberg. From there, the company's own products are sold in around 50 countries around the globe. The new headquarters came at just the right time, because a new tuning boom was on the horizon.

In 2001, the Hollywood blockbuster "The Fast and the Furious," which was epochal for the scene, hit theaters and quickly proved to be a style-setting work. While nitrous oxide injection and the like remained in the USA due to a lack of TÜV approvals, FOLIA TEC brought cool LED effects to and into the car in 2003 with its Fun & Light program - and was once again ahead of its time.

Exactly a decade ago, the company was renamed FOLIATEC®.com to reflect its already strong online orientation: Even within the tuning scene, almost nothing worked without the Internet - if you weren't on the web, you were out. Social media and video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were already beginning to have an effect at this time, so that many a new trend spread like wildfire: tuning went viral. Multimedia devices had also been making their way into cockpits for some time, with iPod and smartphone connectivity slowly becoming an issue. For add-on parts and interior decoration, carbon, the wickedly expensive material from racing, became the new black. After all, this look not only offered plenty of prestige, but also more color variation and an interesting surface texture that you could even feel with your fingers. How all this could be achieved more cheaply and also easily was demonstrated from 2009 by the ULTRA CARBON film, which with its deceptively genuine look and feel is still one of the stars in the range today.

In 2012, there was once again a doomsday mood in the media and in the cinema, but FOLIATEC®.com continued to invest optimistically in the future of car styling. While the ancient Mayans were fortunately wrong with their predictions and Hollywood was flush with cash, the FOLIATEC®.com spray film hit the bull's eye. The clever cans made it possible for the first time to change the color of surfaces on cars without the need for classic painting or foiling work. This was less expensive, plus the applied layer can be easily peeled off again at any time, making way f