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Shops worldwide shoots new promotional film "Revenge is Sweet"

Around 1200 metres of footage
FOLIATEC®.com shoots new advertising film "Revenge is sweet".

The film specialist FOLIATEC®.com brought a touch of Hollywood to the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region with the shooting of its new advertising film. For two days, the car body spray film and the spray system were put in the right light as the "main characters". A crew of 15 people ensured optimal conditions in front of and behind the camera. Around 500 GB of raw material was shot with an Arri Alexa Mini, which corresponds to a 35-mm film strip about 1.2 kilometres long.

At first glance, this sounds like a lot of material, but if you take a look at the storyboard, it becomes clear that more than 25 individual scenes tell the new FOLIATEC®.com story. Brilliant vehicles, a great backdrop, a woman, a man and lots of emotions, that much can already be revealed at this point - viewers can look forward to an entertaining commercial. From Take 1 "Car drives in", through the spraying on of the body spray film, to the effortless removal of the applied film layer, the new film skilfully places the high-quality properties of this quality product at the centre of the action.

"It was a really great shoot with TVF Media, the two actors Kristina and Patrick and everyone involved. We perfectly staged our FOLIATEC®.com car body spray film and showed that revenge can be sweet. The finished film can be seen on DMAX from 28 April", says Michael Scherzer, member of the management at FOLIATEC®.com.

In addition to the TV spot, a long version and a making-of can be found on YouTube:

TV spot:
Long version:
Making of:

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