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Hard Rock Liner meets Millennium Roadster

Back to the future - the new trend product from FOLIATEC®.com

Just a few decades ago, the year 2000 sounded like pure science fiction, with authors and directors never tiring of fantasizing about nuclear-powered flying cars and vacation trips to Mars. Even if the truth turned out to be somewhat more restrained, at least the FOLIATEC®.com Millennium Roadster presented at the turn of the millennium looked mightily like the future - even today. That's why, after a restyling, the wedge designed by the "Espace Sbarro" design school takes the brand founded 35 years ago perfectly through its anniversary year in 2017. One of the coolest details of the former Golf IV GTI with the 1.8-liter turbo gasoline engine is the innovative Hard Rock Liner spray coating, which is used on the side sills, among other things.

The ultra-rugged, matte-rough coating provides a richly audacious look that would make the roadster the perfect vehicle for Mad Max and co. Thanks to a primer specially developed by FOLIATEC®.com, the polyurethane coating is also reversible at any time. Yet there is a supposedly mundane origin story behind the cool look: For the first time, robust plastic-based spray coatings were introduced to the market in the USA to protect pickup truck loading areas. These were non-slip and provided excellent protection for the underlying sheet metal against dents and scratches, but otherwise led a life of obscurity.

It wasn't until much later that some daredevils from the tuning scene also used the cool coating for styling selected parts of the vehicle. The only problem was that once applied, the material could not be removed without damaging the underbody. Fear of contact with the material prevented this trend from becoming more widespread for the time being. FOLIATEC®.com therefore developed a 2-component system with a special primer that makes it possible to remove the Hard Rock Liner at any time without any problems. First, the areas to be treated are degreased with the Body Spray Film Pre-Cleaner and the remaining areas are masked off. This is followed by the basecoat, which is applied in one to two coats using the FOLIATEC®.com spray system or a spray gun. Finally, hardener and Hard Rock Liner are mixed according to the installation instructions and also applied in two to three coats with the Hard Rock Liner Spray Gun. If desired, the product can of course also be sprayed on directly without primer and instead with even more adhesive power - whether protection or styling - BE DIffERENT.

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