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Shops worldwide Brake Caliper Paint in Practice Test

Rico Garbatzki,, has tested our brake caliper paint once again.

This time, too, his conclusion was very positive: "I recently touched up the brake callipers on my Leon with new paint. That was a great result! Now the little Mii has also been given a fresh coat of paint. To match the chic Borbet rims, I chose the brake caliper paint set with carbon metallic from FOLIATEC. The before-and-after effect is really enormous! And in the end, even the grey pig is happy about his chic brother Mii."

Take a look for yourself and follow the individual steps to the finished result:



The complete brake caliper paint set in Carbon Metallic. With everything needed for painting:

Steel brush, fine hair brush, spatula, disposable protective gloves, special brake cleaner, 2-component paint system, (150 g paint +
50 g hardener)



This is how the brake calliper looks untreated.

The drum brake also gets a new coat of paint.



First brush off the dirt with the enclosed steel brush.



Now spray it thoroughly with the special brake cleaner and let it dry.



Apply the carbon metallic paint with the fine hair brush.



First brake caliper finished.

The result is perfect and Rico is happy about it!

It really looks great!
It's nice to look between the spokes.

Tags: Tutorial