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Gelä FOLIATEC is THE specialist for Offroad-Vehicles

Gelä has tried our spray film on a maltreated spare wheel.

Here is the report:
The fate of a pickup spare tire is not an easy one. In most cases, it hangs under the truck bed and is exposed to slush, salt, off-road muck and other natural adversities.

The spare rim of our editorial Hilux looked like this. Blossoming rust, the one or other scratch from contact with the various off-road terrains of this planet. Foliatec was to provide the remedy. The manufacturer of ingenious spray films was the first sponsor of our rally raid car "PROJECT75". With this small restoration project, we want to say thank you - and show how Foliatec's spray films work with our Hilux spare wheel.

The initial situation was not an easy one. However, the de-spinning and de-rusting was done quite quickly. To degrease the rim before spraying, Foliatec supplies cleaning cloths in addition to the two spray cans, but their dimensions are more reminiscent of eyeglass cleaning cloths. So rather keep acetone ready for degreasing. Shortcoming number 2 was the also supplied cardboard boxes, which are to be clamped between the tire and the rim when spraying to protect it. De facto, the tire is hardly protectable in reality, so we simply masked it with masking tape. And don't forget to protect the valve with crepe as well.

The spraying itself was then a breeze. The good nozzle allows clean, flat work, unlike paints, no drops form and there is also no spray mist.

The result after two sprays was impressive. Although the film is intended more for smooth and intact car rims, it covers great and also planes small nicks in the metal. Applied in sunshine, it dries in a few minutes. According to the manufacturer, the film can also be removed in one piece and without leaving any residue. The two cans should easily handle four rims - even those of off-road vehicles.

Now the finished spare wheel is strapped back under the Hilux. We are curious to see how durable the film is and how well it can protect the rim metal. It's not going to have an easy job, given our regular off-road trips. The set costs around 40 euros and can be ordered from various online stores.

Here are the individual steps to the finished result:


The package contents: 2 spray cans, cleaning cloths, boxes to protect the tire, rubber gloves.



The old rim with dirt, rust and nicks...

...doesn't look good on the inside either.



After cleaning: The supplied cards for the protection of the tire are



actually not useful... just mask the tire with masking tape.



Immediately after spraying...

... and on the back side.

Finished, looks quite good.


Here's the test at