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Shops worldwide presents the car body spray film 2K sealer

Twice lasts longer

Car styling and optical tuning are more than just a hobby for many car enthusiasts, it is a real life task. There is always something to improve, optimize and beautify. With the body spray film FOLIATEC®.com already offers an object of desire for many car stylists. Now the style-conscious Carstyling enterprise goes a step further and extends its Portfolio by a promising product, which will address particularly the foiling-enthusiastic Carstyler.

The car body spray film 2K sealer is applied in two coats to the dust-dry and grease-free car body spray film. A spray gun or the FOLIATEC DIY spray system can be used for spraying. After curing, the surface now feels like from a professional painter, can be polished and is also better protected against parking lot bumps, fingernails and hostile ignition keys. Even splashes of gasoline, diesel or other petroleum derivatives can no longer harm the treated surface. Dirt of any kind can be easily removed from the sealed surface. Speaking of removal: If the desire for a new design grows or the car is to shine again in its original paint, the Body Spray Film 2K Sealer is a must-have, as it makes it easier to remove the film at the end of the coating period.

The UV-resistant Car Body Spray Film 2K Sealer can be ordered in two different variants: Either with a shimmering high-gloss finish or in an aggressive matte look. So if you already own a body spray film or were not sure whether it would survive the rigors of everyday use, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Because true to the motto "BE DiffERENT", FOLIATEC®.com is starting the new year 2018 with motivation!

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