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Blog Body Spray Film + 2K Sealer - How to do

Your car has just been sprayed and you are wondering how to wash it in future without damaging the film?
Then we can put your mind at rest: Paint Protection Film for Trunk Sill Paint Protection Film for Trunk Sill is a must-have for every car. It is scratch resistant and protects the pain from damages. Bike Tutorial

Neon Red Pin Striping on the rims, Interior Color Spray on the saddle and Spray Film in black (plus Spray Film Saler) on the Frame. LugNuzzCover

In this video we show you everything you need to know about our new product the LugNuzzCover: Brake Calliper Lacquer

In this video we show you how easy you can give your car a new look with the Brake Calliper Lacquer! DIY Window Tinting - How To Do

You want to tint your windows, but are too afraid?
In this Video we explain to how it works!

How to do: Remove Carbody Spray Film

In this video we show you how easy it is to remove the body spray film from a vehicle. Want a colour change? Body Spray Film

Black, white, grey - these classic colours are encountered on the road every day. But what do you do if you have long since found the car of your dreams, but its appearance could do with a "refresh"?

Car Repair Tutorial: Painting the Brake Caliper

The guys from Auto Reparatur Tutorial painted their brake calipers with our brake caliper paint.

Painting brake callipers quickly and easily!

Dani and Domi from BARS TUNING TV tested our brake caliper paint. They were very enthusiastic about the product and can only recommend "Top quality at a good price! Brake Caliper Paint in Practice Test

Rico Garbatzki, has tested our brake caliper paint once again.

Use of the FACT Design antenna

Rico Garbatzki, was looking for a new stylish antenna and chose our FACT Design Antenna Type Pin 2. Universal 2K Paint Spray in the Test

Rico Garbatzki, has tested our Universal 2K Paint Spray. Brake Caliper Paint in the Test 2016

Rico Garbatzki, has tested our brake caliper paint. Spray Film + Spray Film Sealer + Spray Film Cleaner - How to do

In this video we show you how quickly and easily you can spray your rims with spray film and then protect them with our brand new spray film sealer.

The new "How to do" video from

The look of bonnets, add-on parts and even complete vehicles can be easily changed and personalised thanks to FOLIATEC®.com body spray film, even without painting experience. Car Body Spray Film - How To Do

Just take your time!
We show you from A to Z how to coat a Golf 6 GTI with our body spray film.