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Bru tries it: Hot Wheels - spray film for the rims!

First of all, who is BRU?
BRU is a late-coming blogger, but one with conviction. His men's blog is different: BRU'S is grown up. BRU'S is cool. And: BRU'S is real. He only writes about things he likes himself. About cars, motorcycles, fashion, travel and all the other things that make life more beautiful. He would like to share his tips with us - on his blog:

BRU has tested our spray film and published the result in his blog.
Here you can see his tutorial:

As you know, I recently had the Porsche polished. So I couldn't resist the temptation to do a little bit of advertising for the blog. And I think that the white lettering fits perfectly with the white rims - which you recently requested. So I got to work and sprayed the FOLIATEC spray film on the rims!

Well - it was not as easy as described in the instructions. The sheets to cover the tires can only be inserted if you deflate first.
Note from In BRU'S case, it is a rim flange that extends beyond the tire, such as is often found on vintage rims. That's why he had to deflate it to insert the cards. However, the enclosed cards can be inserted loosely between the rim and tire on normal tires. You don't have to deflate then. Try it out!

Also, you should cover the inside of the rims with tape to prevent spray from getting on the inside. Don't forget to clean the rims thoroughly beforehand, because the enclosed cloths can only be used to rub off the last of the dirt.

Then shake the cans sufficiently and in flowing movements spray on the film. Don't stay in one spot too long or you'll get runny noses. Not so easy, but with a little practice you will surely succeed.

Another good tip: When the rims are dry, cut around the inside of the bolt holes with a cutter. Then the film won't warp when you tighten the bolts.

By the way, there are many different colors - and now that summer is coming, a little more color on the car can't hurt. Have fun!