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Shops worldwide Spray Film Test

The Renault Club Switzerland has tested our spray film.

Here is the "test report" from their magazine "RHOMBUS SUISSE":

We have often asked ourselves, what is the spray film from good for and how easy is its application. We dared to test it on Bruno's Clio rims. The spray film set effectively contains everything you need for a successful "foiling".

● 2 x 400 ml spray can SPRÜH FOLIE
● Additional fan nozzle for a finer and wider jet for application on large surfaces.
● 25 cards to insert between rim and tire
● 4 cleaning cloths for degreasing
● 2 disposable protective gloves

We dutifully followed the instructions and cleaned the rims first and also used the cleaning wipes provided to treat the rims. Next, we taped off the valves and the insides of the rims. Now we applied the cards between the rims and tires to prevent the rim from getting paint off.

This step was of course as expected very easy. Now it was time for spraying. Here we were very excited to see how this step would work out for us. After shaking the spray can vigorously, we dared the first spraying attempts. In several stages, we sprayed the rims completely with the "paint". This step was also easy and gave a very good and regular result. Immediately we removed the cards and the masking. After 30 minutes, the film on the rims was dry and we were done with our work.

Sounds simple? It is simple!


Conclusion: The handling and the quality is convincing.

With a choice of 22 colors, there is something for everyone. The color gold, our test color, is to be taken with a grain of salt. Those who like a lot of "bling-bling" on the rim will enjoy the result despite the rather mustard color. From our point of view, the solution from is highly recommended, because the film can be removed effortlessly when you want to have a new color again.