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Place for exchange of experiences, news and tutorials

What new styling products are available now? How do other "card designers" use them on their own cars and who can help if necessary? The FOLIATEC®.com blog has the answers. The website has been completely redesigned this year and makes informing, browsing and shopping an interactive experience.

At you will find a variety of "user pictures", "events & promotions" as well as "tutorials" and "news". The "FAQs" offer quick "online advice" on new products and popular classics, such as brake caliper paint, pin stripes and spray film. If the user's own question is more specific or not stored, it is best to contact the professional directly: via the contact form under "Ask the technician", users can send their personal questions to the responsible specialist at FOLIATEC®.com.

By the way, a visit to the homepage is not only worthwhile for the specific search for information. In the unique experience clip FOLIATEC®.com presents in scarcely four minutes its universal product variety at the current VW gulf VII GTI. Here, customers have the opportunity to discover the range of all brand products and their application - the choice of an individual design is now even easier thanks to the realistic presentation.

Looking for new styling? Individual product questions? FOLIATEC®.com has the answers at

Inspiration and even more design ideas can be found on the FOLIATEC®.com fan page:!