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Colourful diversity – from now on also in small cans

Colorful variety - now also available in small cans

FOLIATEC®.com now supplies spray film also in 150 ml variant

"I make the world as I like it!" And preferably colorful. This is super easy with the removable spray film from FOLIATEC®.com. Whether decorating articles, giving furniture a new shine or creating cool car designs. The application possibilities of the foils are almost infinite. And if you want to start small, you can now get the paint cans in the 150 ml version!

The FOLIATEC®.com spray foil palette, now with 22 variants, brings colorful variety to cars, living rooms and all of life. The old chest of drawers from grandma in green would be the eye-catcher in the WG. Or an idea for girls: dye the rear-view mirrors red. All this is now very easy to do, because the application is child's play. Simply shake the can vigorously, spray on - done! The best thing about it: The spray film from FOLIATEC®.com can be easily removed from smooth surfaces and then leaves room for new creative ideas - "BE DIffERENT.

Whichever product one would like to change, by the combinability of the individual colors, no idea ends only as a thought. And with the 150 ml cans, no leftovers remain even with smaller projects. That saves the environment and your wallet!

For even more design ideas, it's worth visiting the FOLIATEC®.com fan page:

Currently available colors at FOLIATEC®.com:
Spray Foil 150 ml: black (matt) / black, yellow, blue, red, white, powergreen (glossy)
Spray Foil 400 ml: gold, silver, anthracite, bronze matt (metallic) / black, blue, carbon grey, orange, military (matt) / black, orange, red, grey, white, power-green, yellow, blue, pink, turquoise, cab, light blue, purple (glossy)
Spray film NEON: yellow, green, orange

For announcements to the spray foils of FOLIATEC®.com only the attached pictorial material may be used. Further pictures are available on request.