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Nippon-Tuning: LugNuzzCover from FOLIATEC tested

The 2019 tuning season is just around the corner and has, as announced, ordered the LugNuzzCover from for your VW Phaeton.

But read for yourself what writes:

After we had recently wrapped the brake callipers in a chic white using brake calliper paint and, as an eye-catcher, applied brake calliper stickers, it was now the turn of the final styling using LugNuzzCovers.

But what are they and how do they work?

Lug Nuts (Lugnuzz) have been around for many years, especially in Japan and also in America. For some time now, this trend has also arrived in Germany. Since then, lug nuts can be found more and more often on a wide variety of vehicles. Last year alone, the term "lug nuts" or "tuning wheel nuts" was entered into the search function on almost "10,000" times.
WOW! Reason enough to introduce the system to you now. In this country, Foliatec offers a particularly convenient solution.

We decided on the golden version

Foliatec's "Lugnuzz Covers" are a variant that is applied to the wheel nuts using high-performance neodymium magnets. The LugNuzz covers from FOLIATEC come with a certificate and are therefore "registration-free" and approved for speeds up to 250 km/h.

Another important aspect: The Lugnuzz from Foliatec have the right length so that they do not protrude beyond the highest point of the rim on most accessory rims and many original rims. However, this also depends on the rim design and the offset. It is therefore better to measure in advance! In the area of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), this is a requirement!

They are available in the width across flats 17 & 19 mm, in the colours black and chrome and in the 4 anodised colours green, blue, red and gold. This means they can be combined with a wide range of rim colours. However, we like to use the Lugnuzz as a colour contrast to the white paintwork of our Phaeton. By the way, they are the perfect alternative if you want to avoid the expensive conversion to studs.

Now follows the tutorial:

ATTENTION: We would like to show you the correct way to install the LugNuzz covers, but we would like to point out that we do not assume any liability for the correctness. Neither do we guarantee the topicality and correctness, nor the completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us for material or non-material damage that may arise from the use of information in this report are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

20 golden LugNuzz with 17mm spanner size, in the scope of delivery is the TÜV certificate

50mm we would have space for (LugNut measures approx. 35mm from wheel bolt), simply lead to the "clean" wheel nut

the rest is done by the High Performance Neodymium Magnet, 5 pieces per rim and ready...

The details summarised:

◦ chic Nippon-LugNuts-Look
(follows the trend from the Japan tuning scene)
◦ Material: aluminium
◦ sporty racing and drift look in seconds
◦ without modification measures on the car
◦ available for wheel bolts with a spanner size of 17 or 19 mm
◦ 6 different colours available:
- 4 anodised colours (green, blue, red and gold), black and chrome
◦ firm hold by means of high performance neodymium magnet
TÜV tested up to 250 km/h
◦ TÜV certificate included
◦ Package content: 20 pieces

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