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Use of the FACT Design antenna

Rico Garbatzki, was looking for a new stylish antenna and chose our FACT Design antenna type Pin 2.

His conclusion: "The SEAT Ibiza 6J (little tiger) needed a new stylish short rod antenna. The original aerial was far too long and also brushed against the spoiler when the tailgate was opened. But FOLIATEC had the right antenna for me in their range! I decided on the FACT Design antenna type Pin 2 with a length of 9 cm. Exactly suitable for the Ibi. The enclosed fastening screws make installation a breeze."

See for yourself:


Here the new antenna and in the background the old long original antenna from the SEAT Ibiza.



First remove the old antenna.
Since an anti-theft device is built in, you first have to unscrew the antenna completely, then push it in and pull it out again with a short jerk. That's it.



Screw in the appropriate fixing screw. M5, M6, M7 screws are included in the set.



Now screw the new antenna onto the base.

And that's it! It really looks great!


This makes the SEAT Ibiza look even sportier.

And the tailgate can be opened without any problems without the antenna touching the spoiler.

Tags: Tutorial