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One window tint, please.

Car window films from FOLIATEC®.com as attractive additional business

Window tinting films were first introduced to the German market by FOLIATEC®.com more than 35 years ago. Since then, the technology has developed rapidly so that, in addition to the visual aspect, comfort and health reasons also speak in favour of the product. The sale and installation of the product opens up interesting additional business for workshops, covering a wide range of customer requirements: In addition to attractive styling, the focus is on privacy, heat, UV, glare and theft protection. FOLIATEC®.com is constantly looking for new installation partners and will be happy to advise interested companies.

Note on exemption from registration and requirements

Thanks to ABG approval, all corresponding products from FOLIATEC®.com are registration-free from the B-pillar onwards. In Germany, the windscreen and the front side windows may not be tinted within the scope of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). Transparent films such as the SECURLUX safety film from FOLIATEC®.com, which significantly reduces the risk of break-ins and also offers protection against glass splinters in the event of an accident, are the exception: however, only in conjunction with certified installation and subsequent acceptance by an expert using a TLG light measuring device.

Protection against heat and reduction of the risk of glare

If the car interior feels like an oven despite a correctly working air conditioning system, this is partly due to the sun's infrared radiation when it hits the body directly. All window tinting films offered by FOLIATEC®.com therefore have a heat reflection degree of at least 30 %. The variants with the suffix REFLEX additionally have a metallisation, whereby a maximum of 55 % can be achieved.

The light transmission of FOLIATEC®.com products varies from 5 to 35 % depending on the degree of tinting. This not only reduces the glare caused by the sun: Headlights of following cars are also perceived as far less disturbing. The tinting also creates a feeling of privacy. In addition, the boot is less visible to outsiders, which reduces the risk of theft from the vehicle, especially in estate cars and SUVs.

"Naked" glass provides insufficient protection against UV radiation

One aspect that is often underestimated is ultraviolet radiation. Many people mistakenly assume that even normal glass is sufficient as a complete shield. However, this is an assumption that is not borne out for the side and rear windows of most cars. In contrast to the windscreen, which normally has a corresponding filter, here at least the UVA rays can pass almost unhindered.

Especially for the rear passengers, who receive an additional "radiation dose" through the rear window, this can lead to premature skin ageing and health consequences up to sunburn or even skin cancer. Children, who tolerate far less sun than adults, are particularly at risk. The high-quality window tinting films from FOLIATEC®.com therefore have a uniform UV rejection of 99 %. Even the "clear" SECURLUX offers excellent UV protection.

Protection for children and animals

In contrast, the popular windscreen blinds with suction cup attachment, which are particularly popular with families with small children, offer only a low level of protection in all disciplines. Owners of dogs and other animals that often travel in the car are also well advised to invest in tinted automotive window films. Heat rejection is particularly important here, as great heat not only means stress for the four-legged friends, but can also be dangerous.

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