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Presentation of the FT8

Let's have fun - under this motto the new project vehicle of was created.

In keeping with the company's 40th anniversary, the company took a big step back in time. Exactly 20 years ago Opel presented a real track tool with the Speedster. The Speedster stood for unadulterated driving, except ABS, without electronic helpers or even assistance systems. Only a little over 7000 of them were built. Many of them have already disappeared from the roads. Such a rare part should become the basis for the FOLIATEC "Funtool" called FT8!

In order to increase the fun factor, real specialists were brought on board. Eibach provided a Pro-Street-Multi coilover suspension with adjustable rebound and compression damping. The whole thing, made of aluminum, also saved some weight. The handling was already clear, dry and direct. Now you move the FT8 on the razor's edge. On the subject of grip, we continue with the tires from Yokohama. Grip almost like a racing tire and still with road approval. The limit? That's a long way off! Also inspired by motorsport are the lightweight 10-spoke rims from Motec. Wheel bolts with internal serrations from SCC Fahrzeugteile were used to fasten the wheels. Optics and theft protection in one. The engine can now breathe freely through an air filter from K&N. The overall package is rounded off by the BASTUCK rear silencer with its sporty, sonorous sound. This is powerful, but never obtrusive. The installation was carried out by long-time installation partner Vasold Industries.

So far, so good? Fortunately, not quite! Above all, a 20-year-old car needs a complete visual update! The steering wheel worn out, the green leather seats out of date, the racing grilles shot by stone chips and last but not least the brake calipers corroded. Even the paintwork is silver metallic no longer sets a trend today. Now it was possible to reach into the wide product shelf of FOLIATEC. The Interior Color Spray dipped the seats in trendy black matt and gave the steering wheel an almost new-car look. The racing grilles were repainted with the Universal 2C spray paint. Out of over 25 colors, Toxic Green was chosen for the brake calipers. The brake caliper paint is also found on the valve cover. The narrow rear window was tinted with Blacknight Superdark auto glass film to prevent prying eyes from peering into the cockpit. A top stripe is the perfect replacement for non-existent sun visors. The two hoods were wrapped with Ultra Carbon film and now form the perfect contrast to the car body spray film in RAL 7016, with which the GRP was coated. Not to be missed is a shot of Rough Look. This was achieved with the Hard Rock Liner 2C spray paint on the windshield frame and the inside of the rear fins.

But then FOLIATEC wanted to take a look into the future. Inspired by the world's first driverless racing series, the FT8 was given a design of colored arrows that point to a different side depending on the direction of view. The lateral lines emphasize the air intake, which we will really miss with e-mobility, or will we? Perhaps the FT9 will already be a pure Stromer. Whatever the next few years bring, FOLIATEC always has its finger on the pulse.