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Old paint in new splendor

Preserve classic car paint with FOLIATEC®.com body spray film

No car survives long without paint. In addition to the visual aspects, the paintwork of a vehicle acts primarily as a protective coating against the effects of weather and corrosion. So to be optimally protected, every vehicle should have an intact paint job. However, this is more difficult for classic cars with a first coat of paint. The remedy is the body spray film from FOLIATEC®.com, which is a real alternative to conventional painting.

The body spray film offers contemporary paint protection properties and does not require any elaborate preparatory work. High opacity and durability make it possible to cover the original paint opaque in the long term and also ensure a uniform fresh look. In conjunction with the FOLIATEC DIY spray system or a spray gun, the favorite color can also be applied effortlessly in a do-it-yourself process. Depending on the design requirements, the body spray film can be ordered in 1-liter (beginner), 5-liter (all-rounder) or 10-liter (professional) sets. In this way, the individual design can be achieved in no time at all, regardless of whether it is a complete or partial car wrap.

Not only the uncomplicated application makes the FOLIATEC®.com body spray films a good alternative for oldtimer painting. If desired, the applied film layer can be completely removed by hand at any time, thus restoring the original condition. Even frequent color changes and one-off uses, such as a model presentation or an excursion, are thus no obstacle. After 60 minutes the spray foiling is dust-dry and after 24 hours cured, then the ride of the old jewel in new splendor can begin.

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