Lacquers and sprays

Brake Caliper Lacquer

With its popular Brake Caliper Lacquer Set, has an integrated solution if you want a change of colour. The set includes the special brake cleaning agent (also available individually) and a 2-component paint system, consisting of paint and accelerator. The paint will cover four brake callipers and is heat resistant up to 300°C and chemical-, corrosion- and oil-resistant too.

The Set includes also 2 rubber gloves, 1 steel brush, 1 brush and 1 spatula.

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2-component paint sprays

For all those who rather spray than paint, the new 2-component paint sprays are ideal. This is an innovative professional system: the accelerator is right in the can. No mixing is required. Simply prick the accelerator cartridge with the actuator in the lid, shake it and you’re done!
The paint is heat-, chemical-, corrosion- and oil-resistant.
Available as the Universal 2-component paint spray in 8 colours (ideal, e.g., for 4 brake calipers) or as an exhaust 2-component paint spray (ideal for tailpipes and exhaust covers).

The Universal 2-component paint spray is also ideal for engine and transmission parts and all surfaces that need or “deserve” a very robust and long-living paint.

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Interior lacquers and sprays

Our high-quality lacquers and sprays are used for an easy and effective upgrading of car interiors.
With the plastic tinted spray you can see to a new illumination inside your car.
With the INTERIOR Color Spray (for plastics and artificial leather) you can jazz up the dashboard. The striking feature of the INTERIOR Color Sprays is that the paint actually gets into the material. This keeps the material (artificial leather etc.) elastic and abrasion-proof. For seats, this is very important.
And there are also the pertinent adhesion agent, sealer and foam cleaning sprays and a remover solvent.

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