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Paint Protection Film trunk bike racks, Universal Set, 10 pieces Paint Protection Film trunk bike racks prevents scratches and damage 
to paintwork and bike rack

Content: 0.1092 square meter (€182.69 * / 1 square meter)

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The Paint Protection Film trunk bike racks is a low-cost, quick and easy way to avoid damage... more

The Paint Protection Film trunk bike racks is a low-cost, quick and easy way to avoid damage and to maintain the value of your car. The 10-piece universal set made of highly resistant PVC material is easy to apply and suitable for most common rear bike racks.

Tip: can also be used directly on the bike rack. Avoids damage during storage (placing on the garage floor) or from contact with the bike.

  • Universal Set of 10 pieces
    • 3,7” x 3,7“, 2 pieces
    • 3,9” x 7,9“, 2 pieces
    • 2,4” x 7,9“, 2 pieces
    • 2,2” x 6,5“, 2 pieces
    • Ø 3,1“, 2 pieces
  • high-grade PVC material
  • transparent
  • durable self adhesive film
  • prevents scratches and damage 
to paintwork and bike rack
  • 3D applicable
  • can be removed


Additional tools: Squeegee; cutter; premium micro-fibre cloth (Item-No. 31920); hair dryer

  • The best way to find out the contact points of the bike rack on the paint is to mount the bike rack. Mark the contact points with a pencil or adhesive tape, for example. Adjust the film with a cutter if necessary.
  • The application should be carried out at a location protected from wind, dust and 
direct sunlight, the ideal temperature for application of the foil is between 15 °C and 25 °C 
(60 °F and 75 °F). Wash vehicle surface area where film is to be applied with detergent and water to remove dirt, grease and wax. Use silicon remover, isopropanol or alcohol for cleaning (do not use ethanol or petroleum ether). Rub the surface dry with a fuzz-free cotton cloth.
  • Mix approx. 1 liter water with one teaspoon commercial detergent in a spray bottle (with fine mist nozzle).
  • To avoid fingerprints on the film, first spray your fingers with the water/dishwashing liquid mixture and carefully remove the film from the carrier paper. Spray the adhesive side and then the surface on which you want to apply the film.
  • Position and align the film on the surface. Press the film evenly and lightly. Using the squeegee, spread the excess liquid from the middle outwards. Remove or absorb the liquid with a cotton cloth. It is recommended to use the fingers to wrap the film arround an edge. If the film does not adhere directly, you can slightly warm it up with a hair dryer.
  • After approx. 72 hours, the residual moisture has completely evaporated and the final adhesion is achieved.

Tip: We recommend leaving the foil on the paint for two years at the most. It should then be replaced! 


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