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Shops worldwide

Shops worldwide

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General terms and conditions


1. Scope

All orders placed via our online shop shall be governed by the following general terms and conditions.

2. Contracting party, customer service

The purchase contract is entered into with
FOLIATEC Böhm GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG. You will find further information on us in the company details. If you have questions or complaints you will reach our customer service from Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at +49/ 911/ 97544-0.

3. Contracting

The presentation of the products in the online shop does not constitute a binding offer but is only a non-binding online catalogue. By clicking upon the order button, you place a binding order for the items in the shopping basket. The order shall be confirmed immediately after it has been sent. It shall be accepted by an e-mailed order confirmation or by delivering the goods within 2 days.
Unless you have paid by credit card, when the contract shall be concluded when the credit card has been charged (upon conclusion of the order).
Unless you have used PayPal, when the contract shall be concluded upon the payment provider’s payment order confirmation.
Unless you have chosen the instant money transfer order, when the contract shall be concluded upon the payment provider’s payment order confirmation.
A contract shall only be effectively entered into if the order has actually been sent.

4. P&P

P&P has to be paid on top of the product prices. You fill find further details in the online catalogue.

5. Payment

You can pay by pre-payment, credit card, PayPal, instant money transfer.

Credit card: Your credit card will be charged when the order has been concluded.

PayPal: You pay the invoice amount via PayPal. You have to be registered there or register there, log on with your access data and confirm the payment order to us (possible exception; guest access). You will get further instructions during the order process.

"Sofortüberweisung": We also offer instant money transfers. We will be credited the amount instantly. This accelerates the order process. All you need is your account number, bank sorting code, PIN and TAN. Via the secure Sofort AG form, inaccessible to the dealer, “sofortüberweisung” will create a money transfer in your online-banking account automatically and in real time. The invoice amount will be instantly transferred into the dealer’s account. For you, our service is free of charge. You will only pay your own bank’s fees (money transfer fee). When opting for “sofortüberweisung”, at the end of the order process a pre-completed form will open. This includes our banking particulars, the amount to be transferred and the reference. You now have to select the country in which you have your online-banking account and enter your bank sorting code. Then you enter the same data as for your online banking log-in (account # and PIN). You confirm the order by entering the TAN. You will get the transaction confirmed immediately. Basically, any Internet user can use “sofortüberweisung” if they have an activated online-banking account with PIN/TAN. Please note that some banks do not yet offer that service. You can find out if your bank does at https://www.payment-

6. Self-collection


7. Reservation of ownership

The goods shall remain our property until having been paid for in full.

8. Cancellation policy

Please find below our cancellation policy and information on the consequences of a distance selling order cancellation.

Cancellation policy

Right to cancel

You can cancel the contract within 14 days in text format without giving reasons (e.g. by letter, fax, e-mail) or – if the item has been submitted to you prior to the expiration of said deadline – by returning the item. The deadline commences upon receipt of this cancellation policy in text format but not prior to the recipient’s receipt of the goods (for repeat deliveries of the same goods not prior to the receipt of the first partial delivery) and not prior to our fulfilment of the information obligations pursuant to Section 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 Subsection 1 and 2 EGBGB (Introductory Act to the Civil Code) and our obligations pursuant to § 312g Subsection 1 Sentence 1 BGB (Civil Code) in conjunction with Section 246 § 3 EGBGB. A timely dispatch of the cancellation or item shall suffice. The cancellation has to be sent to:

FOLIATEC Böhm GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG
Neumeyerstraße 70
90411 Nuremberg
E-Mail: info(at)
Fax: +49/ 911/ 97544-333

Consequences of a cancellation

In the event of an effective cancellation, the received goods or payments have to be returned  and any emoluments (e.g. interest) surrendered. If you cannot return or surrender the received goods or emoluments (e.g. use and enjoyment) or only in a deteriorated state, you have to pay compensation for lost value. You only have to do so in case of a deterioration of the item and for use and enjoyment if the use and enjoyment or deterioration is to be put down to handling the item beyond an inspection of its properties and function. The latter comprises testing and trying out the respective item as it would be usual in a shop. Items consignable by parcel post have to be returned at our risk and cost. You have to bear the ordinary costs of such return if the delivered item is in line with what you ordered. In all other cases, the return is free. Items not consignable by parcel post shall be collected. Refunding obligations have to be fulfilled within 30 days. Such deadline for you shall commence upon your dispatch of the cancellation or the item, for us with their receipt.

End of the cancellation policy

There is no right to cancel in distance selling contracts regarding a delivery of goods manufactured according to customer specs or clearly geared to personal needs or whose condition renders them non-consignable or that are perishable or whose BBD has expired.

9. Cancellation cost assumption agreement

Within the framework of the above, we use the opportunity of charging you the costs of the return as follows: You have to bear the ordinary costs of such return if the delivered item is in line with what you ordered.

10. Storage of the text of the contract

We do not store the text of the contract.

11. Contractual language

Both German and English are available as contractual languages.

12. Instruction pursuant to the Battery Act

Since our consignments may include batteries and rechargeable batteries, the Battery Act (BattG) asks us to instruct you thus: batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with your domestic waste. You have to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries. Old batteries may contain hazardous substances that may be harmful to the environment or your health if not properly stored or disposed of. And batteries do also contain important raw materials like, e.g. iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and can be recycled. You can either return old batteries to us or return them in your neighbourhood (e.g. in shops or municipal refuse centres) for free.
In shops, you may only return ordinary end-consumer quantities and old batteries the dealer has or had in stock.

durchgekreuzte Mülltonne

The above icon means that you must not dispose of batteries and rechargeable batteries with your domestic waste. Beneath this icon, you will find the following information:

Pb: battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains cadmium
Hg: battery contains mercury

FOLIATEC Böhm GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG