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Pursuant to your right of cancellation you can return ordered goods within 14 days. We will bear the costs of that return if the price of the goods to be returned exceeds Euro 40 (see general terms an conditions). Please contact us via our contact form if you want to return something and we will e-mail you a Freeway-Ticket right away.

For PROSHAPE articles please note: Our Proshape products are produced to your specs. Therefore, there is no right of cancellation or return. Nor can you withdraw from the purchase contract once the order has come in and been accepted. You then have to buy and pay for the ordered product (see general terms and conditions). Please note that we cannot warrant car-specific tolerances. In individual cases it may be necessary that these products have to be adapted. But if there is a material or functional defect, please contact our product technology department:

Fax: +49(0)911/97544-366



We apply high quality production standards and subject our products to strict quality inspections. If a product you have ordered in the Online Shop does not meet the usual quality standards you can of course file a notice of defect within the statutory legal warranty period of 24 months. Please contact our product technology department:  

Fax: +49(0)911/97544-366