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€99.95 *
Content: 1.52 square meter (€65.76 * / 1 square meter)
1.42 kg

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CARWRAPPING Films enable you to change the colour of your car however you want it to be.... more

CARWRAPPING Films enable you to change the colour of your car however you want it to be. Individually designed it becomes a distinctive design object, attracting looks! Be creative!

What our CARWRAPPING Film Alu Brush offers you:

  • distinctive look with detailed surface structure
  • heavy duty
  • extra strong glue
  • gas, carwash and weather resistance
  • temperature resistance from -30°C to +50°C
  • 5 years durability
  • residue free removal


The same procedure works for all 3D-malleable CARWRAPPING Films. With a hot-air gun, a knife and a squeege true miracles can be done.

For further instructions read the application sheet!

Application sheet

Download application sheet

Frequently asked

How much CARWRAPPING Film do I need for my car?
The CARWRAPPING Film is 1.52m wide. The consumption on the front lid is approximately 2 running meters, on the roof it’s about 3 running meters. A whole compact class car needs about 15 running meters.

How do I prepare the surface?
The car has to be cleaned with isopropanol (cleaning alcohol) and should be free of any dust or dirt particles.

Can the CARWRAPPING Film be applied wet?
It is possible to apply the CARWRAPPING Film wet, the film achieves it full gripping after full it has dried out completely. Therefore the car should stand in a garage with at least 15°C.

Are CARWRAPPING Films applicable in 3D?
Yes, after warming with a heat gun, the CARWRAPPING Film is 3D applicable.

How Do I maintain the CARWRAPPING Film?
Wrapped vehicles can be cleaned in a car wash or by hand.

Ask our technician

If you have any further questions please ask our technician.
Tip: You can also find application images taken from other users in our blog.

If you want to get it done by a professional, please contact our sales department.

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