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Hydro Detailer

FOLIATEC Detailing Spray: ✓ Reinigung, Pflege, Schutz ✓ der Karosserie, inkl. Chrom & Kunststoff ✓ glänzend & schmutzabweisend ➤ Jetzt Detailer ansehen

Content: 500 Milliliter

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Do you want to give your car a perfect finish? Then our FOLIATEC Hydro Detailer is the ideal... more

Do you want to give your car a perfect finish? Then our FOLIATEC Hydro Detailer is the ideal choice!

Our Hydro Detailer was specially developed to clean, maintain and protect your car quickly and easily. With its innovative formula, it forms a protective layer on your vehicle that repels water and keeps dirt, dust and fingerprints away.

Our Hydro Detailer is easy to use and leaves no residue or streaks on your car's surface. Simply spray on and wipe off with a soft microfiber cloth and your car will be clean, shiny and protected.

Our Hydro Detailer is safe for all types of vehicle surfaces, including paint, chrome and plastic. But it's also easy to use on matte finishes and carwrapping films.

Try it out and see how easy it is to give your car a perfect finish!

How to use:

Spray on, wipe off and you're done!
Shake well before use.
Only apply Hydro Detailer to clean paint or film.
The surface may also be slightly damp. Allow to react briefly and
then wipe off with microfiber cloth.
Hints: We recommend regular application after every vehicle wash.
Also suitable for glass, plastic, aluminum and chrome.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on hot surfaces or
direct sunlight.

Bug Remover

FOLIATEC Insektenentferner für Dein Auto: ✓ für Frontscheibe & Karosserie, auch mit Carwrapping-Folien ✓ gelartig, schonend & effektiv ➤ Hier...

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Interior & Protect Spray

FOLIATEC Cockpit Spray: ✓ Reinigung, Pflege & Schutz von ✓ Armaturenbrett & Innenverkleidung jeder Art ✓ glänzend & schmutzabweisend ➤ Jetzt ansehen

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Rim Cleaner

FOLIATEC Felgenreiniger: ✓ für alle Arten von Felgen: Alu, Chrom, Stahl & sprühfolierte Felgen ✓ pH-neutral, schonend & effektiv ➤ Hier bestellen!

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Glass Cleaner

FOLIATEC Scheibenreiniger für Dein Auto: ✓ für Fenster & Spiegel, auch für getönte Scheiben ✓ hocheffektiv, schlierenfrei & kristallklar ➤ Hier...

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Tuning Car Care Set

FOLIATEC Car Care Set: ✓ 7-piece for ✓ cleaning & care of ✓ car body, windows, rims, cockpit & insect residues ➤ View highly effective set!

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