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FOLIATEC DIY Spray System especially for the usage of the Carbody Spray Film


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  • 30 Tage Geld-Zurück-Garantie Spray System:  the revolutionary coating system for vehicles! Our new... more Spray System: the revolutionary coating system for vehicles!

Our new developed Carbody Spray Film transforms your car optically simply in the twinkle of an eye. The high-quality FOLIATEC Spray System powered by WAGNER, a global leading producer of devices for surface coating, was developed especially for the usage of the Carbody Spray Film – so you can get started easily.

  • FOLIATEC Spray System with paint gun, compressor and special 12 m air hose
  • easy application: fill in paint, insert the plug and ready to go
  • adjustable spray jet


  • All car parts that can be easily removed should be dismantled. Mask all surfaces that are not to be coated. Mask rubber seals with Easy Up Tape (item no. 79920). You should also protect wheel housings and the car underbody from spray mist.
  • Clean and dry the surface to be sprayed, including edges, then degrease using Carbody Spray Film Pre-cleaner (item no. 79934). After cleaning, remove the remaining dust with a duster (item no. 79933).
  • Application with spray system: Apply the Carbody Spray Film in 4 to 5 generous layers. On horizontal surfaces (roof or bonnet), work at a slow pace and at level 1 or 2; set the quantity control on the spray pistol grip to level IIII. On vertical surfaces, work at a medium pace and level 2. If necessary, reduce the quantity control on the spray pistol grip. Only use in suitable workshops and garages. Reduce ventilation if working in a spray booth.
  • Application with spray gun: Apply the Carbody Spray Film in 4 generous layers at medium speed. Use a 2 - 2.5 mm spray nozzle with approx. 2 bar pressure on the spray gun in a suitable spray booth.
  • Flash off for 45 - 60 minutes after every spray coating until the wet surface is visibly matt dried.

Please note: For effect colours, e.g. magic green-purple first apply at least two matt black coats; after approx. 45 - 60 minutes’ drying time, spray on at least two coats of the effect colour.

Notes for RAL colours: first apply at least two transparent coats; drying time between coats: 45 - 60 minutes; after at least 3 hours drying time, spray on at least two coats of the RAL colour.

  • Hardening: After 1 - 2 hours the Carbody Spray Film is dust-dry. After 24 hours the vehicle is ready to drive again.

For detailed information, check the instruction manual!

Download Operating Manual Spray System


Frequently asked

What can I spray with CARBODY SPRAY FILM?

⇒ All smooth, non-absorbent and solvent resistant surfaces can be sprayed with CARBODY SPRAY FILM.

Where should CARBODY SPRAY FILM be used?

⇒ We recommend using the spray film in a spray booth or a suitable garage or workshop.

How many coats of CARBODY SPRAY FILM should be applied?

⇒ At least four coats should be applied with the FOLIATEC SPRAY SYSTEM powered by WAGNER. The first coat should be sprayed on very finely; all further coats should be applied generously and uniformly.

Does the surface need to be sanded?

⇒ No. Sanding the surface would make the CARBODY SPRAY FILM difficult to remove.

Is CARBODY SPRAY FILM car wash-proof and would it withstand high pressure washing?

⇒ CARBODY SPRAY FILM is suitable for textile car wash systems that do not use hard brush cleaning. For a longer lifespan, we recommend washing the car at a washing station using a high pressure washer (minimum distance 40cm) and foam lance.

How do I repair small damages to the CARBODY SPRAY FILM?

⇒ Small damages can be simply dabbed away. The CARBODY SPRAY FILM will bind with the old coat.

What can remove spray mist or light metallic residue?

⇒ Spray mist and residue can be rubbed away using THINNER (item no. 20859) or silicone remover and a soft cloth.

Is the SPRAY SYSTEM complicated to use?

⇒ No. No practice is necessary for using the SPRAY SYSTEM. Anybody who follows the operating instructions (included) will achieve excellent results!

Do you have any questions? You can reach us via our contact form, via WhatsApp +49 (0)152/591515 or via e-mail: support(at)

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