PROFESSIONAL FOLIATEC has been successfully selling individual automotive accessories for more than 30 years. The huge demand for our quality car glass films and many customers’ wish for a professional installation led to our PROFESSIONAL Partner concept.

1988 saw the first PROFESSIONAL installation station. Over the years, and in a permanent exchange with our PROFESSIONAL Partners, we have developed an extensive know-how, which we will gladly pass on.

A consistent brand strategy is part of’s corporate strategy. Continuous research and development aside, our high product quality and our programme’s up-to-dateness help to safeguard our company’s future and leading market position.

In addition, we try to be perfect, are passionate, committed and have acquired a huge expertise.

The brand is a globally established brand, known all over the world, not least because of our intensive advertising and distinctive communications.

Our corporate principles set forth utmost material quality, safety and reliability.

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