Tyre Spray

The FOLIATEC.com Tyre Spray is the new trend for car enthusiasts. By simply spraying, a cool glittering effect is created on the flanks of the tyre.

The difference to conventional products, which only cause a wetlook, is striking. The goal was by no means just the blackest black – that is somehow boring. Instead, the new Tyre Spray creates an extremely cool glittering effect on the flanks. Of course, this styling especially shines out when the car is in motion.

The application is really simple: just apply the Tyre Spray on the flanks. For safety reasons it is essential to protect the tread and brake parts from spray mist. The material-friendly mixture of the FOLIATEC.com Tyre Spray does not attack the rubber even after repeated use.

FOLIATEC.com has put a lot of emphasis on product development, as you do not want to have to re-spray before every ride. Depending on weather and mileage, the durability can be up to several weeks.

However, if you don’t like the look anymore, the spray film can be removed well with water and a brush.

• metallic look with glitter effect
• tyre preserving
• simply spray on
• easily removable
• available in 2 colours

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