Automotive films

We look back on almost 40 years of experience with films and wraps. High-quality car glass films and stylish car wraps aside, we also have various films for the interior and paint protection films.

Automotive window films

The Automotive window films are of very high quality. This we attain through a multi-layered structure and also a special PET basic material. We provide a 5-year warranty on such a quality. While the MIDNIGHT films are of a bluish black shade, the BLACKNIGHT’s grey-black is very cool. All films have a 99%+ UV protection and are available in various transparency and heat protection grades. For a very pleasant climate inside in hot weather we recommend the tinted films with heat protection. The MIDNIGHT REFLEX and BLACKNIGHT REFLEX series aside, these are also available as BLACKSTEEL, with a worked-in metallisation and a huge heat-protection effect. Our conventional DIY sets aside, Automotive window films can also be configured and ordered in the PROSHAPE configurator as a car-specific DIY set. For all those who want a professional application, we also provide our quality films as PROFESSIONAL rolled film. In addition to the tinted films, we also provide SECURLUX films to protect against chippings and various SUNIVSORs and TOPSTRIPEs for the wind screen.

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Paint protection films

With the paint protection programme we provide you and your customers with the means to prevent damages to the paint. We provide PROFESSIONAL rolled paint protection films. Our range includes both PVC and PU films in various dimensions and grades. Benefit from our professional competence and offer your customers our wide-ranging DIY paint protection system. Basic versions (e.g. for the bonnet or side mirrors) are available in two sizes in black and transparent. To protect door handles, door edges, trunk sills and door sills, the paint protection film door handle, the paint protection film door edge, the paint protection film trunk sill and the the paint protection film door sill are universally applicable.

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Interior films

With the COCKPIT design films worn surfaces can easily be renewed with the 3D-adhesive films. They are available in Alu Brush, Ultra Carbon and Hexagon. For a perfect styling of the lamps inside, we also have the universal PLASTIC (KUNSTSTOFF) tinted film in three colours.

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