Accessories has an extensive range of stylish, sporty and striking car styling accessories with which anyone can come up with their distinctive look to express their individuality.

Exterior styling

Ideal reception and a sporty look are provided by FACT aerials in their SPORT, DOT, S and XS variants. If you want it more stylish, you can choose between 2 FACT Design aerials.
You will get an ideal racing look with the shapeable and adhesive Downforce Wings or the ALU racing grids.
With the Car Design Stickers HEXAGON, F-STAR, STREET, LINES, SHADES and STRIPES (available in 6 colours) you can accentuate your car in an individual fashion. Special metallic eye-catchers can be created with design mouldings for the front guard and the AERO Chrome Wings (adhesive longitudinal wings).

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Wheel and rim styling

If you want your wheels to have a special look you cannot only use our Spray Films but also the PIN Striping design stripes in 10 colours to recreate rim rings. The adhesive CARBON hub cap is a real eye-catcher, as are the AIRCAPS in different variants and various colours.

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Interior styling also has the right accessories for the interior. Recreate a racing cockpit with the KILL SWITCH ON/OFF and the ENGINE Starter Lock Line.

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For a visual monitoring of power circuits, use the LED Control Light.

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