The Tyre Spray is the new trend for car enthusiasts. By simply spraying, a cool glittering effect is created on the flanks of the tyre. Use water and a brush to remove the spray again.

Brilliant ideas for home and decorative work: the Chrome Spray creates an authentic chrome look. On smooth surfaces this results in a particularly beautiful mirror effect.

Fully removable Hard Rock Liner: this product introduces a new dimension to car styling and provides a real wow effect. A removable primer does the trick. It is simply sprayed on before the vehicle is redesigned – then you can start right away. At once your car appears completely new. Not only is its surface a head-turner but also protected against external influences in the best way possible. From now on the Hard Rock Liner is also available in your desired colour. Choose from more than 100 RAL tones.

The Carbody Spray Film 2C Sealer is going to make maintaining the Carbody Spray Film even easier. The 2 component material protects from UV light, is resistant to petrol and diesel, easy to clean and even polishing it is not an issue. The car body spray film underneath it is not only perfectly protected, even removing it becomes a lot easier to do once you decide to redesign your car again.