Carbody Spray Film

Our Carbody Spray Film is the new generation of removable car body coatings.

The Carbody Spray Film is not only suitable for professional and large-surface application on complete vehicles, but also for rims, mirrors, motorcycles and many more.

Ready to use for spray nozzles between 2.0 and 2.5 mm the Carbody Spray Film can be applied like a normal lacquer on car bodies by using a spray gun or our Spray System. More information about Spray System can be found here. is one of the first producers who offers metallic colours which are ready to spray.

Wishing a new colour change? No problem, the applied film layer can be removed easily anytime without any helping tools.

The advantages of Carbody Spray Film at a glance:

  • very good opacity
  • appealing appearance and a smooth spray result
  • protection from scratches, salt, weather conditions and stone chipping on the original paint
  • UV resistant
  • applicable on any non-absorbent surface
  • easy to remove

The Carbody Spray Film colours at a glance:

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