FOLIATEC Spray System


FOLIATEC Spray System: the revolutionary coating system for vehicles!

Our Carbody Spray Film transforms your car optically simply in the twinkle of an eye. is one of the first producers who offers metallic colours which are ready to spray. Carbody Spray Film is available in 5 litre can as well as FOLIATEC DIY Spray System.

Karosserie_Sprueh_Folie_5Liter_Kanister Karosserie_Sprueh_Folie_Spruehgeraet


The Spray System was developed in cooperation with WAGNER, a global leading producer of devices for surface coating, especially for the usage of the Carbody Spray Film – so you can get started easily.



Wishing a new colour change?

No problem, the applied film layer can be removed easily anytime without any helping tools.



The useful FOLIATEC DIY Spray System Set including Spray gun, compressor, hose, disposable protective gloves, Thinner and Carbody Spray Film is available as Pro Set:

DIY Carbody Spray Film Pro Set:
sufficient for complete vehicle coatings


The Pro Set includes:

      • FOLIATEC Spray System powered by WAGNER
      • 2 x 5 Liter CARBODY SPRAY FILM
      • 2 x 500 ml THINNER
      • 1 pair of disposable protective gloves


The Carbody Spray Film is available in black matt, white matt, transparent glossy and magic green-purple.

In addition, the Carbody Spray Film can now be ordered individually in over 200 colours.
How does it work?
Contact us, indicating your car model and RAL colour request (see colour chart). Afterwards you will receive an individual offer.




The advantages of Carbody Spray Film at a glance:

  • very good opacity
  • appealing appearance and a smooth spray result
  • protection from scratches, salt, weather conditions and stone chipping on the original paint
  • UV resistant
  • applicable on any non-absorbent surface
  • easy to remove

Carbody Spray Film consumption chart:






It’s so easy:

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